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    Nice to see a airplane in a music video.
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    Single Tube Fuselage idea

    This might be more interesting in carbon fiber for the finished product, but it would add to the cost. Building composite tubes Carbon Fiber Sleeve - Biaxial Weave in a Variety of Weights
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    Changing Microsoft Word files to BMP ?

    BMP files are a long way from being easy to share with others. Use a PDF printer to make a PDF file, or if it's just the pictures that are interesting, then save the file in HTML format. Check in the directory that has the same name as the file you saved, and check for JPG and PNG files...
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    The Business side of Homebuilt Aircraft

    The advantages to starting by selling the motor are: 1. Most inovative part of the project 2. Quickest turn around, limits the initial depth of the project 3. Easiest method to get a long term contract, ie: with other airplane producers 4. Largest market potential, total return on investment is...
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    Jack Norris prop design software

    if Jack's software isn't available, then their are some other alternatives. I Googled "aircraft propeller design software open source" and came up with a few options: For professionals and consultants: SU2, the open-source CFD code For the majority of readers for this forum: Free Aircraft...
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    Max altitude without pressurization but with supplemental oxygen?

    The Armstrong limit, about 19 km, where the boiling point is 37 degrees Celcius, ie: body temp.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Canards per se do not have anything to do with not being able to start or stop within 500 m. I've personally seen a JA37 Viggen, 21000 lbs empty, land within 400 meters of the start of the runway, with each 100 meters marked. But there again it's canards look and move more like the tail fins...