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    Parts For Sale Magazine collection

    I could run up to Louisville and meet you there, or about 1/2 way at Elizabethtown...
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    Parts For Sale Magazine collection

    Well, shoot, I just packed them all up and moved them to my shop. However, I do have some pretty cool hardbound books about old aircraft. Let me see if I can get some pix of these.
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    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    It's an idea who's time will never come. It's a fringe idea. I can't see anything in the foreseeable future that would function well in both categories.
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    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    I think it is a great idea who's time will never come.
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    Parts For Sale Magazine collection

    I've got a fair sized collection of the EAA's Sport Aviation, Vintage Aircraft, AOPA Pilot, and Air & Space that I'd like to find a good home for. I'm located in South Central Kentucky, if you're close enough to pickup, otherwise they're your's for the cost of the ride. I also have a good sized...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    A golf ball flies 3 times further than an undimpled ball of the same size and weight.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    I usually don't post here, just occasionally listen in, because it gets too depressing to think that there are so many keyboard commandos in aviation; what with some of the posts I see on this forum. But I can say this with certainty: Peter has sold the Raptor and all data pertaining to it to...
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    Oshkosh 2021

    I’ll be at the Turb Aero display, #615, right next to RANS Aircraft. Happy to meet any of you who stop by!
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    Epoxy recommendations!

    Yes, I was referring to the systems we are using for infusion. There are very many variables one can choose when determining pot life. From what I've been told, and I'm just a simple process guy, not a chemical engineer, is that Hexion's base epoxy, 828, is used by many of the epoxy company's as...
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    Epoxy recommendations!

    We had some lab tests done about 3 years ago, with Pro-Set, MGS (Hexion in the US everywhere but Spruce), R&D Resin (Premium Resin tech), and one other epoxy resin, might have been PTM&W, don't recall. What I do recall is you could throw a blanket over all of them. In laminate testing of test...
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    Core materials for resin infusion with best strength to weight ratio for use with compound curves

    I build all the Arion Lightning aircraft composite structural components for Arion Aircraft. We use 4mm Gurit Corecell, which is double scored. Light, strong, and great for infusion.
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    Forward Tilting Canopy Hinges

    Arion Lightnings have a very simple forward tilting canopy arrangement. Two flat aluminum brackets between a couple of pieces of angle aluminum, and a couple of gas struts. I don't think Pulsar's are available anymore, Arion parts are, but its the idea that it is simple to duplicate at home that...
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    Epoxy for vacuum bagging- thin infusion epoxy okay?

    I guess my first question would be, how do you plan to process the samples? Are you going to infuse, or wet layup vacuum bag? Whichever you choose to do your test specimans should be what you expect to make parts with. For infusion, there can't be too thin a resin, providing it has the...
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    We're in Morgantown, KY, if you want to come see how we build composite experimental aircraft. I...

    We're in Morgantown, KY, if you want to come see how we build composite experimental aircraft. I manufacture the entire airframe for Arion Aircraft ( It's mostly infused V.E. resin and fiberglass, with a bit of carbon in the fuselage, and an all carbon spar with epoxy...
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    Hirt Trio

    Anyone know what became of this aircraft? I was reading an old Sport Pilot issue where it was a big cover story, and I've never seen or heard about it since.