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    Core materials for resin infusion with best strength to weight ratio for use with compound curves

    I build all the Arion Lightning aircraft composite structural components for Arion Aircraft. We use 4mm Gurit Corecell, which is double scored. Light, strong, and great for infusion.
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    Forward Tilting Canopy Hinges

    Arion Lightnings have a very simple forward tilting canopy arrangement. Two flat aluminum brackets between a couple of pieces of angle aluminum, and a couple of gas struts. I don't think Pulsar's are available anymore, Arion parts are, but its the idea that it is simple to duplicate at home that...
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    Epoxy for vacuum bagging- thin infusion epoxy okay?

    I guess my first question would be, how do you plan to process the samples? Are you going to infuse, or wet layup vacuum bag? Whichever you choose to do your test specimans should be what you expect to make parts with. For infusion, there can't be too thin a resin, providing it has the...
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    We're in Morgantown, KY, if you want to come see how we build composite experimental aircraft. I...

    We're in Morgantown, KY, if you want to come see how we build composite experimental aircraft. I manufacture the entire airframe for Arion Aircraft ( It's mostly infused V.E. resin and fiberglass, with a bit of carbon in the fuselage, and an all carbon spar with epoxy...
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    Hirt Trio

    Anyone know what became of this aircraft? I was reading an old Sport Pilot issue where it was a big cover story, and I've never seen or heard about it since.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Well, 15 pages nto it and nobody has gotten it right yet! Lot's and lots of honorable mentions, for sure. Where's the Hughes Racer?
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    How old can you be to start a new aeroplane project ?

    Steve Whitman got his Unlimited Aerobatic Waiver renewed when he was 90 years old. I know a guy down in LA that runs a shop, probably building 10-12 complex, fast homebuilts at a time. He's in phenominal shape, better than I am at 67. If you're healthy, age doesn't matter. I've done a little...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I was answering a question regarding the use of carbon rather than just fiberglass. Most guys use chop or wet laid matt for tooling, with ISO or VE resins; which won't work. I've been around tooling a bit, too, 20+ years at Rockwell and Boeing in composite tooling. Inconell was prevailant, I...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    If you are buildng your parts from carbon, and expect to take full advantage of the strength of epoxy resin systems, you are going to post cure your parts in an oven. Fiberglass tooling and carbon fiber parts is not a good method, as fiberglass tooling, often made with VE or ISO resins, have a...
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    I'd rather assemble than build

    Two words: Arion Lightning. I can't imagine a simpler, faster kit that is primarily assembled, with some minor composite finishing before paint. I think very reasonably price for the performance as well. LSA, SLAS, and EX version. There's also an Arion Lightning owners page...
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    The Dodge Viper factory race cars had rear wings made with what is being called "wave spars" here. I've wanted to do something with that Idea on an aircraft ever since Isaw those back in the late '90's.
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    Still breathing!

    We haven't stopped working, haven't had to wear any PPE other than what we always wear. We're building Arion Lightnings for the Arion Aircraft Company, including the redesign of their wing spar, new tooling, and substitution of fiberglass for carbon fiber. They've now got a stonger spar at a...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    The Bugatti crash was one, like Commutercraft's, that didn't need to happen. I had bugged Scotty about a test pilot. He was a test pilot in the Air Force. But the point I made to him was that he tested aircraft that were production aircraft, with which he was already well trained with many hours...