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  • How are your projects coming along? "two seat twin engine jet, named the Komet" can you post pictures. I was once interested on the lightning bug, but is hard to find one. I'm planning to build a Personal cruiser to install a Weber MPE 750 I have that I was planning to install on my Streak Shadow. But not doing that any more.
    Impressive engine youve planned there!Id be glad to achieve just 40hp on my projected engine with just 80lbs!Very unreal power to weight ratio!
    I just went to the cinema and saw "12 Years a Slave" - I was shocked at the horror, the cruelty and exploitation that man is capable of inflicting on another man.

    I mean, $22 for a coke, ice cream and popcorn, what the hell?
    Hi friend. I m making a ultralight plane I need some help.
    Thanks flyvulcan!

    FYI, i have contacted the Flight club and mentioned your contact info. I very much appreciate your contact and help. We will see if he's still around, perhaps.

    Again, thanks for your help.

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