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    Poly fittings on ultralight wings?

    Those type fittings are used on many ultralights that use presewn, non-shrunk wing coverings. It does not hurt the fitting to be pop-riveted, but, depending on the spar construction, it may weaken the strength of the spar. I have also seen plain sheet aluminum or stainless steel used to rivet...
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    Valley Engineering's new ultralight

    They look like good welds to me, too. The only thing about welding aluminum (from what I've heard and read) is that the joint tends to pull 'away' from the weld where in steel it tends to pull 'into' the weld. With a good joint and weld, it would be no problem, but I would be doing a flux...
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    Why not more UL biplanes?

    The original way (per the construction manual) to prep the leading edges on the wings was to put strapping tape (several strands) down the entire length keeping it very tight, but it doesn't help much (as you can see). I have considered putting some T6 thin aluminum sheeting there instead if I...
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    Why not more UL biplanes?

    Hi Mark This is the 3/4 scale Jenny UL that Cloud Dancer originally made a kit for and then later disowned (or so it seems). It had spoilers in the original version, but I put ailerons on (the upper wing only (saving weight)) and it rolled about as well as the spoilers, well, almost. The...
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    Altitude restriction?

    Not sure about LSA, but UL limit is 18,000 (above is controlled airspace and off limits)
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    Why not more UL biplanes?

    MINE??? Flys like crap, won't roll (except when I stall and the wing drops), but it looks COOL....and that's why I like it
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    Fabric Thickness

    He is correct that paint is heavy. You can go here ( Flyranch Ultralight News ) and see what I did with uncertified dacron and latex enamel. The dacron on it in this picture is regular weight (not the light stuff) and it has 4 to 7 layers of paint on top (2 coats of black first). I recently...
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    Top Rudder-You gotta see this

    Ya gotta remember, I fly UL's. It's sort of like driving an underpowered butterfly in a hurricane. I've gotten caught in swirls over the runway before and the "top rudder" routine had been drilled in my head by my "coaches". Getting caught in a vortex on landing still scares the heck out of me.
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    Top Rudder-You gotta see this

    Now THAT'S cool...
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    Top Rudder-You gotta see this

    nah.... I've single framed the .wmv and the controls follow what you might expect. I think it is real. Of course, I could be wrong. But think.... It could be done for real if need be 1. Aerobatic aircraft usually have a good power to weight ratio as most can 'hang' on the prop. He probably...
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    Top Rudder-You gotta see this

    This got emailed to me as a wmv, but I found it on youtube, also. Kinda makes the point of always pushing on the top rudder when in trouble. Be sure to read the comments of the disbelievers below the video... (you gotta go to youtube, what makes a pilot mess his pants)
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    Nothing to do with airplanes -

    Well........ not exactly. Paper is manmade from natural products that are taken through a lot of changes. Cigarettes are made FROM tobacco but have a lot of extra "stuff" added to them. Arsenic, fire retardent (to keep them from burning too fast), cellulose (to make them stay lit), and up to...
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    A supersonic homebuilt; why not?

    Could be because the speed limit is Mach 1. You're not supposed to go over it without specific permission (including military).
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    Accident over Hudson, lawmakers want more regulation.

    After reading the reports: 1. The plane flew into the helicopter, which means he would not have been able to see a rising object directly in front of him due to the engine cowl. 2. The plane hit the helicopter from behind, which means that the helicopter pilot never saw what was coming up...
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    Beginners epoxy question

    I was scanning the internet trying to look for a replacement for Mr. Fiberglass epoxy when I came across a term that I never heard of: "infusion epoxy". Can someone tell me what infusion epoxy is and what it is primarily used for? I am accustomed only with Aeropoxy and the above mentioned Mr...