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    Mead Adventure Construction

    He flew in from the south (X21, TIX, maybe COI - It's been a few years) and did what I assume was a full power flyby at 2,000' - 2,500' - Then making a (very) high downwind (high-power), a descending downwind/base/final turn to around 300' for his flyby. After the flyby he pitched up into a...
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    Mead Adventure Construction

    N87RH was flown by the owner, Marshall Deshler, when it crashed. I observed the accident. I spoke with the NTSB IIC. The Mead Adventure (trike) may not have been as "easy" to fly as a Cessna 150, but it wasn't a "Hot Rod" either. I'd love to have a set of plans... Mark
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    If I were going to build a replica...

    N110XZ - Iler Elden out of Van Nuys
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    Cygnet Estate sale

    My best (semi-educated) guess: N4210T Aircraft Data N4210T, 2001 Hapi Cygnet SF-2A C/N 367
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    Aviation people who influenced me

    Steve waving to the crowd @ KGLD in the early 1990's - Great memories!
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    Aviation people who influenced me

    Art Scholl Bob Hoover Duane Cole (he used my medical/waiver when he lost his medical) Steve Wolf (couple of BFR’s in Samson) Clint McHenry (worked with him @ PAC, on US Team in 1988/1990)
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    “Now THAT’S an airplane!”

    Tell Delmar (and Steve) I said Hello! Mark Dickey KGLD
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    Cool New Canard Designs

    Looks like they've got a pretty decent test pilot too. MWD
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    Electric power for dummys......

    This is the motor I'm using: Astro Flight 4535 MWD
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    New aerial banner tow vehicle

    KPRC (1986): Flies superglued to ultra-small paper airplanes. Really cool...!
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    Wanted Wanted cassutt racer plans

    Call Creighton - He's a good guy.
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    Long story short - Duane didn't fly aerobatics in any Capella aircraft. He was actually very upset when they built one of their airplanes with Duane's inverted name on it.
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    Rag and Tube: Scary Design

    Yeah - So I'm not as intelligent as you are. One up one you...
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    Rag and Tube: Scary Design

    Looks like a Heath Parasol. http://www.aviation-history.com/heath/Heath_Parasol.htm http://www.antiqueairfield.com/attachment/showu/015936d4-5e84-11de-8273-00304889f980 https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/36/Heath_Parasol_Oshkosh_2003.jpg Mark
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    N1819U - KSUX https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/AAR-90-06.pdf