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    How many people here "Really" know how to fly?

    I can make a really good rrffttrrrrfftffffff airplane noise with my lips and throat. But only over the bathroom sink. Apparently "Other People have to eat food out of that fridge, you stuppering idiot " according to my wife. (: I also have a little blue booklet that says that I can fly...
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    Canada to the USA. Getting a homebuilt licensed.

    I think it' easier to go from North to South ,than from south to north ,if difficulty is measured by the amount of bureaucracy. The first part of your question- do this ( get a special flight authorization ): Special Flight Authorizations - Operating in the U.S. and Canada With the Canadian...
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    Free On Line Pilot Exams

    Free AOPA Air Safety Foundation on line courses. Interactive Safety Courses Interactive Safety Courses
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    another "which airplane" thread

    That Buttercup does look appealing. When I look at the bottom of LuceAir ~ Plans, Kits, and Other Items for Sale ( the plans ) He suggests ,at the link at the bottom of the page, getting the kit material from Aircraft Spruce. If I look at it a little longer I should figure it out-but do you...
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    Aircraft Plans Copyright Infringement

    Dean Wilson ,the designer of the Avid aircraft, version is that Dan Denney ,who purportedly “couldn't do a weight and balance on an airplane “ worked with Wilson to produce Wilsons Kits. Wilson (Avid ) bought Denny (later Kitfox) out very early on. Denney supposedly broke a handshake...
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    Some questions

    1) It's been fixed, and you can get an xl for a good price because of the issue. There is debate about the cause(s) of the crashes-I haven't followed it closely, ( seen any final conclusions) ,or recently , so stand more recent correction, but to the best of my knowledge, there was no...
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    Keeping a cool head - Aircraft Engine Fail Part 1 and 2

    Aviate, Navigate, Communicate . Good job. When he broke out of the bottom of the clouds, he probably saw those hayfields along the John Day hiway, when he said he saw places to put it down. Quarter million dollar slippery plastic airplane with a high stall speed , and no power, might be a...
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    EADS builds all-electric Cri Cri

    Cessna and Bye energy are trying to put an electric Cessna 172 in the air this year. The electric 172 will have a 1300 pound empty weight-lighter than the current conventionally powered 172-use the 168 hp UQM 125 electric motor UQM Technologies One version will use the GSE OSX-1226...
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    Coolest airport you've ever been too...

    Jasper , Alberta 52°59′48″N 118°03′34″W Elevation 3,350 ft Direction 13/31 3,990 ft long -turf Expect to overshoot at least once to spook off the Big Horn Sheep, Moose, or Bears from the landing strip . It's a good ' beginner ' mountain fly in because the valley is so...
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    Free On Line Pilot Exams

    Go to Aviation Books, Charts, & Software for Pilots and Instructors Register with your e-mail address and you immediately have an account. click on Our Free On Line Exams at the bottom left. It makes a good building block as a study guide for students, or it's a useful review for...
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    BRS - don't leave the ground without it

    Or at least wear a softie Not that it's much good when you're screwing around on the deck-but strapping it on before the flight distracts you from how stupid it is to go 190 miles an hour ten feet high with 30 gallons of aviation gas between your knees :gig: Pitts X-2c , RPM gauge...
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    The "beauty" of powerless flying.

    heh heh-that's pretty funny how he ribs the turbine driver. My first time in the right hand seat of a 750hp single Turbine Otter: That round engine vid is wrong-There is so lots of nice levers to play with on a turbine! :) ====...
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    documentation photographs ??

    I have no idea if any of these crashed hard drive recovery methods work, but the "put it in the freezer " idea is most appealing to the redneck in me..:grin: 5 Ways to Retrieve Data Off a Crashed Hard Drive - good luck
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    Low pass

    Just a sobering reminder about "low passes" Man hit by plane dies from injuries | Canada | News | Edmonton Sun " A man brought to an Edmonton hospital after being hit by a plane has died from his injuries. A 26-year-old pilot with North Wright Airways was on a tarmac in Fort Good Hope...
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    How do I insert photo into thread?

    Never tried without hosting it onna net,...leseee... Well, that will save wear and tear on my photobucket account (: thanks Dana