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    My 1100R Minimax build

    Good choice, jessfarms. I'm building a 1700R and am using a BMW 75/6 engine. I've seen some use a 1/2 vw and rotax 503. I also joined ETLB Squawk Forums - ETLB Squawk Forums as they specialize in this type of aircraft. Feel free to ask lots of questions as everyone here and on other forums will...
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    Next project?

    I'm also looking at the celerity. They're out of Tuscon so not too far from me. But, I haven't heard much about this plane and the web site if pretty sparse. Any opinions? www.mirage-aircraft.net
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    Next project?

    @autoreply - Dripping wet I weigh 155lbs. I don't think weight is a problem. ;) @Matthey - According to the web site, you can put a 180 hp engine in it. I was thinking of putting a Subaru engine in it instead of the VW. I had a Bug in college and hated that beast. I spent more time fixing...
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    Need list of 180 HP air cooled engines

    Need help finding a list of 180 HP air cooled engines. I like the Subaru engines but think that size is water cooled and want to avoid the extra weight if I can. Let me know it it's possible.
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    Next project?

    I'm finishing up a JDT HiMax and am looking for my next project. I decided to build the HiMax from plans only and am looking for another project that I can do the same. However, I want an airplane that I can travel in and not just punch holes in the sky with. I'd like a plane that cruises at...
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    Scarfing and laminating wing spars

    The censor tried to clean up what it thought was a dirty word but was actually a Japanese last name. :) Use the bad word for doo doo to replace the stars and it will work.
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    Scarfing and laminating wing spars

    That's referring to the grain deviation. I took it to my local EAA meeting and asked and they agreed that 10:1 was what was wanted and I wasn't just lucky. The way I made the scarf joint was I made the jig first from these plans...
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    Scarfing and laminating wing spars

    AC 43.13 Section 4 1-39 on page 1-15, talks about the scarf joint. In that section, it states that the No grain deviation steeper than 1 in 15 should be present in an outer eighth of the depth of the spar. The scarf joint can be 10:1 according to the inspector that checked me. I may have gotten...
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    Scarfing and laminating wing spars

    FAA requires a 10:1 ratio for the scarf joint. I made a jig that gives me that every time. I did scarf joint this way on my spars and passed inspection. I went a little over board on caution, though. I made sure the grain extended beyond the joint 2X the length of the joint on each side. For...
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    Green spruce

    I got a hold of a marine lumber supplier that is local. The first dozen or so didn't want to spend the time with me. Took the MIL docs from the FAA site to one and he was really interested in what I'm doing. Spend a whole afternoon going through a pile of lumber until we found two boards that...
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    1st time using T88

    Also, don't rush. You have about 90 mins to an hour before it set to the consistency of soft vinyl. After that, it won't stay together reliably. Let it sit at least 4 hours before you remove the clamps and sand after it has set overnight. I learned these numbers the hard way. I've removed clamps...
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    1st time using T88

    I use t88 on my HiMax. It's all wood and cloth. The leading edge of the tail is laminated 1/4"x1" by four layers. Put wax paper between anything you don't want glued top the wood or you won't get it off. Don't thin it down unless you want your plane to fall apart on you. 50:50 mix. I use a...
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    Why would a tailwheel raise the rates so much? From what I can see, most homebuilts are tailwheels.
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    Engine idea for a JDT Himax

    Good point. But, can you imagine the scene. A little HiMax that weighs 560 dripping wet. As you push the throttle full open, the roar of the pipes will the air and heads turn to see what the heck is going on! ;D
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    Is this normal?

    That's exactly what happened even though I gave them instruction not to do that. I was able to get a hold of a manager and after being on the phone most of yesterday, they were able to get it charged correctly and shipped. They also sent it 2-day instead of normal. The problem is they are always...