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    Classic fuselage designe but in carbon fiber tubes?

    If you think about it a little or lay it out in 3D, you'll realize that you can't assemble one piece angled tubes into the structure if the end joints are a solid one piece that fully envelopes the tubes' outer diameters. If you break the angled tubes into 2 pieces, you can use one piece end...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Marc, Billski cast his comment with regard to "canard ships," which implies canard aircraft in general. Not every plane will have the CS prop needed for the approaches you describe. Will every pilot have the skills to double rudder deflect side slip?
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Except that the landing scenario you guys describe takes more piloting skill and some extra hardware not everybody has.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    In the latest episode at about 6:20 he describes how, in the first flight, the canard stalled right at rotation and continued to alternately stall along with the main wing stalling. But moving the cg forward fixes this.......and over to you in the booth, Marc......
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    Design center of gravity limits.

    What's important is not the absolute location of the CGs, but the relationship of them to the stick fixed and stick free CPs. Obviously, you want the CGs ahead of the CPs.
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    OFF-TOPIC Mathematical or Data Analysis Request OFF-TOPIC

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! C'mon, guys that paper was very clever, witty, humor. It fit with VB's crack about having "the initial outward appearance of being based on data and mathematical probabilities." I especially laughed at the use of Hospital's rule (what we called...
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    10/23 Raptor Video about 500 ft maximum.......
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    weather at time of flight below:
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    2nd flight track log:
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    Aero AC 2 stroke thread?

    I got no hits using the search, but maybe that's because the words are too common? If there's already a thread, I'll try to delete this one. Anyway, I'm wondering if any other 2 stroke heads have followed the Aero AC 2 strokes? Is this more vaporware? Falcon FL200 - AC Aero Engines...
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    large hole through main spar center section

    Even though the vertical shear loads are taken by the fuselage (assuming it is much stiffer than the wing spar), the center beam section still must carry the high root bending loads across between the fuselage. The center shear webs should be analyzed to make sure they won't buckle from this...
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    Aero News Network Video - Terrible Raptor 1st Flight Review

    If this is off topic, just delete it: Guys and Girls, It's come to my attention that is being forced by state rules to return deposits that have been in escrow for over 3 years in order to avoid the funds defaulting to the state. Obviously we don't want that to happen. These...