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    New website dedicated to the CFAIR Yahoo group

    Well, after MANY years of disseminating copyright free aircraft plans without a single legal challenge or even ONE complaint or notification from our host provider CFAIR will soon be no more because Yahoo Groups are being completely removed. No archive no nothing. I am opening up memberships so...
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    Ultralight aluminum tube size questions

    Incorrect. The best thing for THIS OP is to find a plane that does what he needs and build it to plan.
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    Seeking Benefactor(s)

    Yes and this is a very bad way to get financing for what you are calling a philanthropic project. I am surprised nobody has mentioned crowdfunding yet. The OP is not organised enough to GET any crowdfunding and never will be but that is where you would go for such a project.
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    Re: Gross Structural Mods This is all I could think of when I read all of the considered answers to the OP. I was flabbergasted that nobody said "Have you built any airplanes before?" or "Perhaps you should build your first plane to plans before you start designing one of your own"...
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    Ultralight wheels

    Incorrect. It is over what is allowed in part 103 but not by any amount in particular. If it weighed 253.99999999 lbs he is OK so at 254 he is indeed over but not by a pound. He is just "over".
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    Fly_boy_bc (Gary B) Fisher 101 rebuild.

    As stated above I have done little work on the plane since my last post but I have learned more and I have examined the plane more closely and I have had lots of time to think. Issues and solutions: The wing The wing is kind of primitive. It uses a bungee cord to return the aileron to neutral...
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    Fly_boy_bc (Gary B) Fisher 101 rebuild.

    Ok I have to admit I have done little else since my last post but at least I can tell you why. 1... I started smoking again:emb:. I was able to afford the cheap parts and pieces that I have accumulated so far because I had quit for over two years. As soon as I started again I was all...
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    For Sale Fisher FP-101 plans

    I know this is over 4 years old but are the plans and parts still available?
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    Wanted Fisher FP-101 Plans

    You would want 202 plans not the 101. The 101's wings are...primitive.
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    Military capabilities of small mutirotors

    It is my contention that "the next big thing" in military hardware is the automation of small muti-rotors. Big drones like the Predator basically replace an airplane. Small multi's are a completely new type of weapon system. For less than $1 million a small country or terrorist org could loose...
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    Kawasaki 440a missing issue.

    Good prices. Who did you deal with? are they the same people that sold you the faulty jug? If so are they making it right? Gary B.
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    The one that got away.......

    I just finished reading the whole thread.....Stuart Fields post #3 is the winner. Hands down. Gary B in BC Rebuiding a Fisher 101 to look like a 202 so it's my Fisher FP-101.2!
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    The one that got away.......

    My story is a little different in that it was not a matter of not getting "that great deal", rather it was a matter of second guessing myself and NOT ending up in the air at all! So in a way it is MORE heartbreaking than just missing out on a bargain. This was to be my first airplane. Years...
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    Drones - Super Bowl

    Completely ignorant of the issues. Do you think The General Atomics MQ-1 Predator or MQ-9 Reaper drones can be taken out of action by a $75 microwave with a parabolic antenna? I will save you the effort of answering. The answer is "not a chance in hell". Military drones are shielded and self...
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    Drones - Super Bowl

    ABSOLUTELY!!! DRONES are self piloting WEAPONS SYSTEMS.....What hobby people have are RC model multi rotors! Parrot calls their stuff drones and are doing no favours for the hobby! Drone=Fly THOUSANDS of miles from the remote station, take a coffee break during flight....leave the...