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    Any one else watching the SpaceX launch?

    That was fun to watch. My son, the amateur radio enthusiast, had the comm traffic going, and we watched the video feed along with it.
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    Vernon Payne's Sky Kitten Biplane - 1936 Design

    I recall having seen an advertisement for the Sky Kitten, similar to what you posted above, and didn't know what it was. Now I do! Thanks!
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    Eagle’s Nest Project

    Awesome! Great way to promote the program.
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    For Sale HKS-700e

    60 hp/44.8 kw 121 lbs./55 kg Taken from: HKS Aviation Engines
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    Ercoupe-like cantilever wing in wood

    I believe it was, or more specifically, spiral wound veneers which made a plywood shell in-situ. This would have been in keeping with other aircraft that were developed in the same time frame with "non-strategic materials," by Fairchild, Timm, et. al. I think it would be a lot of fun to build a...
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    Ercoupe-like cantilever wing in wood

    I don't see any reason this wouldn't work. There may be a very small drag increase due to the airflow crossing the ribs at an angle, but in the grand scheme of a VP-2 (ish) plane, it probably wouldn't be noticeable. An airfoil tailored for this application could minimize this effect, if desired...
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    For the Nieuport Builders

    Those are awesome, guys! Ron, are you going to mount that Lewis on Moonraker? The Spandau looks great on the Eindecker.
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    Francis Donaldson's thoughts on Evans Volksplane VP-2

    Good options from Fritz! One more.... Changing the treatment of the leading edge may be of some benefit. The plans call for aluminum, but also note that 1/16 in. ply is an option. Regardless of the flavor, the leading edge is affixed to the ribs only, not the spar, making it more of an...
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    Drinking and flying in the team himax

    Nice and simple. Love it! Quick story: The first time (of only two so far) I went to AirVenture, I spent some time hanging out at the edge of the ultralight field, watching the guys and gals come in for landings. Every one of them had these big, s*!t-eating grins on their faces as they came...
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    Homebuilt Aircraft Formulas

    Welcome to the forum! You're getting good advice already. I hope you have as much fun as Peter appears to be having in his videos. He always looks like he's having a blast, which I'm sure is one of the reasons his videos are so popular. He does post here on occasion, so if you're lucky, you may...
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    For Sale Craigslist

    That same ad is running here in the DFW area, and has been posted longer: SA Cavalier 102 - aviation - by owner - airplane aviation parts I suppose there could be legitimate reasons for listing it elsewhere, but caveat emptor and all that....
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    Turner TSW-2 "Two-Seat Wot"

    Nice looking little bipe!
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    New design... the “Eye Roll” One

    It captures engergy from friction between the air and the aircraft skin. Which requires energy to achieve and maintain speed. Does this not then fall into the category of "perpetual motion" machine?
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    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    Thanks for these videos, Mike!
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    Basic Woodworking Book for New Builders?

    Here is a WW II-era document on construction and repair of wood aircraft. The adhesives discussion is mostly dated, but it is good material, otherwise: Technical Manual of Aircraft Woodwork