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    An Airplane to Make ‘Em Mad

    Repeat after me.... "Stay off the brakes!"
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    What are you doing in addition to flying?

    In addition to flying my Sky Raider and the soaring club Schweizers, I build and fly model airplanes-- R/C, gliders, Free-Flight, old timers, etc. Model airplanes are almost as much fun as the full-scale stuff, in my opinion.
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    Who lets the dogs in?

    I really thought Archie would dig the idea of going flying with me in the back of my Sky Raider, as he goes just about everywhere else with me. But I think he finds it too confining and claustrophobic, even with the windows wide open. When he looks out, all he sees is a vast expanse of...
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    Tim Lunceford's Centerwing Heath

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. What an airplane! Comparable to a Minimax in horsepower and overall size, but a totally different beastie. I'd have to drink some fortified testosterone extract to rummy up to this one. Brave men, these racing pilots!
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    As a now retired Boeing structural design engineer, I can say a few words about load axis transfer with components in bending. We struggled with it constantly, as my team did a lot of our work in the wing-to-fuselage integration area. Think of two joints: Joint A is a plate bolted up...
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    Rotax 503 rapid descent-- best throttle setting?

    ...side slip sounds like a good idea... at, like, 5200RPM and 55mph?
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    Rotax 503 rapid descent-- best throttle setting?

    So the other day I found myself with a lot of excess altitude coming off the Boise hills in my Sky Raider and needing to get down under the Boise Class Charlie shelf (or go way around it). How to descend a thousand feet or more in just a few minutes, without entering the dreaded "lean zone" on...
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    SailPlanes, How do they get by with just one wheel?

    One reason gliders can get away with a belly wheel is those long wings. You can easily keep the wing tips off the ground for most of the takeoff and landing roll with moderate aileron input. I used to balance on the wheel in a gentle breeze while waiting for the tug, and it was kinda fun to...
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    Rotax B box question

    So, from your experience, is it way easy to flood the Rotax with a bit too much priming? Or is it pretty tolerant of some healthy squirts? I got a nice backfire once on my Cessna 150 from over-priming (dead of winter), and started a fire around the nose wheel! Apparently, the excess fuel...
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    Rotax B box question

    I start with five good squishy pumps, then pull at least 60-70 pulls (good workout!). The primer is on the instrument panel, so maybe a couple of feet to the carbs?
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    Rotax B box question

    Now that we are on the subject, I've been doing a whole lotta pulling lately before I get airplane noise to happen. Is it because of the hot weather? Do I need to prime a whole bunch, or would I just be flooding a good engine if I did? I'm starting to consider an electric starter conversion...
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    Rotax B box question

    Ah, okay, that explains it then! So the dog clutch is like a direct-drive gear system but with a bit of play between the drive dog gear and the driven dog gear. This is why I can move my blades back and forth a bit before feeling resistance, yes? So, theoretically (not that I'd want to), you...
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    Rotax B box question

    Newbie alert to start out here-- I have only 15 hours on my new-to-me Sky Raider. I have the 2.58:1 B box on my Rotax 503, with a Powerfin 66" two-blade ground-adjustable prop. I understand the PSRU box has a centrifugal clutch inside. Is it the RK400C clutch? I don't understand why my prop...