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Flitzer biplane and associated type designer. Aviation artist, author, occasional magazine contributor.

Most interested in historical aviation and creating designs appropriate to earlier periods and/or scaled replica types, mostly single seaters. Have mostly concentrated on traditional biplanes and enjoy the elemental experience of open cockpit flying. Gentle aerobatics are also a passion.
Hirwaun, Aberdare, S.Wales, UK.
Current / Future projects
Returning Flitzer prototype to the air and completing either the Vale Stormcock or the Flitzer-Laird LC-1W, both types sharing common extant components. i also have parts of a Flitzer Goblin in store and enough dream projects for several lifetimes.
Past Projects
Converting the prototype Taylor Monoplane into a 'Yak 9', designing and building the radial-powered KFZ-1 Tigerfalk aerobatic biplane to 50% completion (project now passed on). Various part-builds, including a lightened Comper Swift (wing only).