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    Acceptable Fiberglass Suppliers for Aircraft Construction

    A presenter at an EAA composite workshop today kept mentioning Rock West (www.rockwestcomposites.com) No affiliation, but I’m also looking to buy some mold making materials, strand mat fiberglass, carbon fiber fabric and epoxy for resin infusion. Thanks for the great info and links in this...
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    Variable pitch prop design for electric

    Beautiful electric variable pitch prop
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    Not so simple retractable gear

    Hey all, I didn't want to hijack the Simple Retract thread. Are any of you familiar with the Infinity main retract gear kits sold for canards? http://infinityaerospace.com/product/featured/landing-gear/ The Infinity system is a hydaulic system with 3 ways to get the gear down. Any...
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    51% rule?

    Thanks all who have already replied. This is exactly what I wanted to understand. It seems like one FAA document leads to another then another then another I hadn't found the homebuilt 'Repairman Certificate' window had closes. I'm not trying to short cut the rules, just as I tried to explain...
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    51% rule?

    I have heard the Airworthiness Certificate referred to as the 'white ticket'. Added note. Airworthiness Cert is white for Certified aircraft, I just noticed my E-AB Special Airworthiness Certificate is pink. Is this normal?
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    51% rule?

    Ron, Great post and also the comments of others. I snipped out the E-AB portions. "Only one repariman certificate is issued to an E-AB aircraft"? Even if another builder and has rebuilt more than the previous owner and documented it? I thought the original builder would still be on the...
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    Ebay Today

    The Bede4 listed on Ebay in Idaho is a great little aircraft, but $12k for an unfinished project for that aircraft seems like a lot.
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    Roughly a factor of 4 and you'd be at the original Cri-Cri (9hp a side-twin engine) for one full size person. With currently flying electric examples. https://deankmiller.com/cri-cri-aircraft-for-sale/
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    Hello, Can I pick your brain about your brief time with the SQ2000? I read your posts on the...

    Hello, Can I pick your brain about your brief time with the SQ2000? I read your posts on the Canardzone and here. I would like to hear what you learned in the process if you can spare the time. Thanks, Kenneth
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    Introducing AeroAcademy - Online Courses about Aerodynamics and Flight Dynamics

    Doug, I'm enrolled. Thank you for sharing this. Good stuff!
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    Trace based simplified composite analysis. Opinions?

    My last post on this thread. On my phone it looked like it was recent and on this website I can't edit my posts after a few minutes. It makes me a little crazy when I re-read my posts and it looks like a child wrote it. Sorry for my random post. I didn't mean to detract from the topic. I...
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    Trace based simplified composite analysis. Opinions?

    *their data* sorry for the typos
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    Why battery-powered aircraft will never have significant range

    Rolls-Royce in the all electric game https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2020-10-27/rolls-royce-and-tecnam-develop-electric-commuter-airliner
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I would love to see that database & spreadsheet, if she ever wants to share. Actually, all can be done in a database and queried any myriad of ways depending on how she built the tables. and can be so much easier to enter data. Even knowing what the Raptor project is... She’s a keeper!
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    Yep, meant not a ducted fan. Referring to the Fully Charged episode that I linked in my post. Electric aircraft counter rotating, not ducted. Taking "Not DF" out like that takes it out of context.