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    Straight edge ideas

    Other than a lazer pointer (which typically has a rather thick bean), a taunt thin strong fishing line or dental floss will probably give you the straightest line. I used a thin sewing thread from a roll I had. You could also stand the table on its side so string sag wouldn't matter. But for...
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    Paul Lamar's "" site has gone dark?

    Being moved to by his son.
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    Anyone deal with speeduino?

    Tracy Crook of RWS recommends it. Likes that it interfaces with Tuner Studio and is open source. Of course you'll need to modify the code if you want manual mixture control. And of course I'd double up on the hardware. I was lucky enough to get an RWS EC3 board. I still have to program it...
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    Any tips for a good used/starter o-scope

    Rigol 1054 is a $300+ 4 channel digital scope. Having been in and out of electronics for 50 years, I was stunned to learn about the capabilities of the units now available. I would imagine paying $10K or more for the capabilities of this unit 20-30 years ago. It will even decode serial streams...
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    Unadvertized secrert abilities

    I think I read that heating it will introduce (invisible) stress risers. Heating edges to smooth them is not recommended. So I don't think that making holes with heat is a good idea either. Use drill bits that "scrape" rather than cut their way through the plexiglass -- like step drills, the...
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    Work rules / practices

    OK, so it's not called for in the plans and is just an optional procedure. Really needed? Depends on the amount of engine vibration and interaction between cowling and engine. Finn
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    Work rules / practices

    Do notice that Van uses a smaller hinge pin in the curved hinges. I think it may be 0.093 in hinges designed for 0.125 pins. Yes definitely drill 3/16" or 1/4" holes in the hinge between the rivet holes for epoxy/flox to flow through, as called for in the plans. Finn
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    RV-4 Mazda RX-8 Renesis install

    I had promised to post weight numbers when I got to the point where I could unbolt the engine mount with complete engine installation from the fuselage. Engine filled with oil (5 quarts) and coolant (6 quarts 50/50 water/glycol). No prop. Gear legs mounted. 370 pounds on digital bathroom scale...
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    Madza 13b setup with Tracy Crooks EC2 controller help

    Wow, never seen anything like this before. Looks like the timing wheel holes are not symmetric, otherwise you could rotate it and the sensors 90 degrees. I guess you'd have to accurately drill new mounting holes in the timing wheel. If you rotate the timing wheel and sensors the same amount, it...
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    Madza 13b setup with Tracy Crooks EC2 controller help

    We'll need more info. What does the label on the EC2 box say (version, date...)? Is this a Renesis engine? Can you attach a picture of the installed sensors? From the EC3 manual (which may or may not apply): SENSOR TIMING The computer reference timing on the Renesis is determined by the...
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    Re-examining Rotary Conversion

    +/- 10G, wow! I spent a month or two learning Fusion360 enough to do a simple stress analysis just for +6/-3Gs to make me comfortable with my engine mount design. Even with a lightweight wood/composite prop, I would have to check with Tracy on the RWS PSRU. I'm fairly sure the answer is no for...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    You have got to be kidding! You can easily get 150HP with a correctly matched prop. I'm shooting for 180-190 HP in my RV-4 with non-turboed Renesis (RX-8). It does come with a cost in time in studying successful installations, design and implementation. As for weight, in a month or two my...