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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    Also, at Tehachapi check with Doug Fronius, a large number of the Twitt meetings were held in his dad's (Bob Fronius.) hangar at El Cajon he may remember some of the participants
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    Propping to Avoid Engine Overspeed

    This might be a stupid question, but what is wrong with putting a forward stop on the throttle?
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    What approach speed to use floating

    The whole point of lifting up out of ground effect is because you are not below stall speed. Trying to force an aircraft onto the runway, (This is typically what happens when the airplane floats.) results in you going from one end of the runway to the other.
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    Proposal would give UAS (drones) right of way over all aircraft

    So, what happens when an aircraft is landing and a drone cuts across the approach end of the runway. Does the aircraft (now below 400 feet) break off the approach, giving the drone right of way, or does he hit the drone?
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    What approach speed to use floating

    If you are floating, lift the plane up out of ground effect, slow it down a bit and re-land the airplane.
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    Spirit of St. Louis Replica

    I was involved in the construction of two of those, one for the San Diego aerospace museum, and another that was built and flown ,then hung in the ceiling of terminal two at San Digo airport. The part I made for each one was the sheet metal wrap of the leading of the wings.
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    Alternative wood for spruce

    I do not know your ability to get foreign wood in Kenya, but you might look at Keifer from Poland or Germany (Pinus Sylvestris.) this is a shade heavier than spruce, but also quite a bit stronger. Since this is a European wood, it is closer to Kenya than American woods.
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    Staples for wing rib fabric attachment?

    I forgot to mention the Citabria was covered using the Stewart system.
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    Staples for wing rib fabric attachment?

    Having had to replace the greenhouse window on a Citabria because the installer did not iron the securing tapes, I can assure you the heating is important. And oh yes, the original left the aircraft during an acrobatic maneuver.
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    Boat fiberglass on aircraft?

    Who are you buying that from? That stuff from Interglas geweb is $6.00 per yard in the USA.
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    CNC vs laser cutter

    I used to use a CNC router made by a Canadian company, AXYZ these things are not cheap, but are far less expensive than comparable American models. the one I used would cut both wood and metal, it would take DXF profiles and direct G code programing.
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    CNC vs laser cutter

    There is a low-cost CNC router that does not take up too much shop room, good for cutting ribs and fuselage formers etc., the basic cost is around $500 to $800, but the price goes up as you add more goodies on.
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    Rocket-powered ultralight (self-launching glider)?

    The Dick Schraeder tip powered propellor was a steel tube squeezed to an airfoil shape, with a series of slots in the trailing edge at the tip. It was freewheeling, inside the tube was a pulse jet shutter mechanism, and fuel was delivered via a rotating gland fuel seal. Dick messed with this...
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    Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? Is it a Helicopter? Nope - I'm building one of those new drone thingy's!

    Before you powder coat your aluminum frame, check the temperature at which they will be baking it. Some of the powder coating systems come close to the heat treat tempering systems for aluminum.
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    Looking for 1-26 advice

    Go ahead and contact K&L aircraft at 607 594 3329 They will support you with new parts, including a new seatback.