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    FW190 Replica Kits

    Like the ASh-82, the M-62 was also derived from the M-25 engine. They are still being built (albeit in small numbers) in Poland as the ASz-62IR, TBO is 1200hrs and are even type certified. There are a number of DH Otters flying around with them in Canada and it is my understanding they had a...
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    FW190 Replica Kits

    I suspect there are still a number of engines and parts out there - you just have to know who to ask. As far as tracking down an ASh-82T goes its worth noting they were built under license in Czechoslovakia (Dimitrov) as the M-82T and in China (Dongan) as the HS-8 (from memory that is what most...
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    Rutan "EZ" aircraft structural discussion

    SVSUSteve, Are there any books or references that you would recommend which address design for crashworthiness? (already have Thurston's books)
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    Twins....should spin props opposite of each other???

    The direction of propeller rotation was reversed for the YP-38 to increase stability. Note how much closer the YP-38 curve is to the No Power curve than the XP-38 is. This may not hold true for other twins though.
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    Messerschmitt Me-109

    The 109 is one of the most popular warbirds yet surprisingly the design/manufactuing/maintenance side of things hasn't been well covered, at least not in one place in english. Most of whats out there is aimed at historians and modelers. I'm sure that Classic Publications and Eagle Editions will...
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    RR Merlin Build

    Could a new merlin be built from scratch today? Absolutely Is it economical to do so? Not even close, nor will it be in the forseeable future Here's a quote from V12 guru Mike Nixon regarding building new engines from about 10 years ago - adjust prices for inflation "..had to have a propeller...
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    Need some help on some electrical questions

    Have you tried asking Great Plains? A local auto electrican should be able to supply a plug. Failing that a normal spade terminal might fit inside. VW beetle never bothered with a relay in the solenoid circuit - just straight to the ignition switch. On the regulator, the wire should go from b+...
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    I wanna build something.

    If you can wait a while, maybe the David Algie LP1.
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    I wanna build something.

    If you like the round sounds then perhaps a Radial Rocket RG. Thunder Mustang are back in production but not sure how comfortable rear seat is. Lancair Evo for fast and expensive.
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    Quiet Flight

    I was considering this project a while back but decided to leave it for someone with deeper pockets, not to mention the shear hassle of trying to get a warbird out of the US these days. Stan Hall of sailplane fame was the airframe design manager for the YO-3A. Not sure how much input Kelly...
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    LSA -coments on the rules as it affects design

    I wonder if designing aircraft which push the limits of the LSA category could actually be detrimental to the category in the long term. It may encourage the FAA to put further restictions on the category in an effort to exclude designs which it considers not in keeping with the original...
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    Mistral back in business
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    Spade lugs, Molex, TE Circular and MIL connectors

    The Tyco/Amp black plastic circular multipole connnectors are increasingly popular these days. Diamond for example make extensive use of them including the wing to fuselage joint. Use with the gold plated pins/sockets. There are cheap (non ratcheting type) crimping tool available that work fine...
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    Small block Chevy Ideal Setup

    Re: Small block Chevy Ideal Setup Overthinking this thing I stand corrected.
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    Small block Chevy Ideal Setup

    Re: Small block Chevy Ideal Setup Overthinking this thing This is unlikely, the majority of Lycoming and Continentals' sales are for certified aircraft which require certified engines, as do commercial operators. The certification and liability insurance requirements and costs mean that...