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Feb 5, 2020
Jan 2, 2012
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Feb 5, 2020
    1. dougwanderson
      How is the briggs running I am planning to build next winter a zippy sport have the plans it originally flew with 1/2 vw and also a [SIZE=-1]Cuyuna 430 both i[/SIZE][SIZE=-1]n the 30 to 35 hp range. the brigs 622 with an ace re drive is what I am leaning towards for an engine [/SIZE](price and weight) with a invoprop 60 28 and later adding the inflight adjustable. do you think the will the briggs will work? Thanks for you posts I have read them all (not a stalker ;)
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    North Newbald, York, United Kingdom
    Current / Future projects:
    Converting and upgrading a flexwing trike and Briggs And Stratton Industrial engine to replace a 447 Rotax
    Past Projects:
    Suspension, Fuel tankage, electric trimmer, Fuel transfer, running gear, Propeller and engine mods.
    All changes to existing a/cs
    Run a weightshift ultralight (microlight) in the UK
    Tinker constantly
    Now flying a B&S powered trike

    Flexwing rogallo development
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