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    kitfox vs highlander

    Straight forward review from two young Aviators who do quite a bit of flying. I've tried to source how many kits Highlander has sold and how many are flying. It would be nice if they updated their Wiki and Website. Does anyone have any idea? Kitfox has been around awhile circa 1984. 7000...
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    kitfox vs highlander

    Yes, a revived thread. Interesting. Does anyone have any comments on the Kitfox 7 STI Series ?
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    Murphy Moose Tail Strengthening

    This is an older thread. For those familiar will the Moose was the issue of the rudder and damage to tail section ever resolved? For those who bought the SR2500 Kit and subsequently wanted to upgrade to the 3500 Moose. Depending on where you are on the build cycle, it looks like a fair bit of...