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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    Looking at second hand market in Germany give you an idea of real prices today. Even more expensive ! 45 200 EUR - Aeriane Swift (electric self launch) => 47 000€ for 15 years structure but electrical system new. https://www.segelflug.de/osclass/index.php?page=item&id=47989 65 000 EUR - Silent...
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    Exian's composite planes

    I basically followed what worked for the MC30 Luciole, using little higher values of HS and VS volume coefficient because of longer nose. I do not remember the exact values, but I recall that they were over average (HS way over average, close to 1 fo my plane...). I like and am used to...
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    Exian's composite planes

    HS and VS are indeed all flying type, much simplier to build and to connect to the fuselage. Some people really like the shape of these HS and VS, and some other really hate it (telling me I designed a ugly tail!). If I build a second version of my EXIA, tail will be conventionnal...
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    Interchangeable flying surfaces

    Not interchangeable parts on the aircraft, but some composite designs use the same tooling (molds) for several parts to reduce cost in material, and time building these toolings - For example, Silence Twister used (at least for the prototype) one set of molds for both left and right wings. This...
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    Exian's composite planes

    Very interesting! By RC charger, I mean your typical charger for the batteries of remote controled models planes, that use your car 12V battery as a supply source. I carry with me a big lead-acid battery to able to charge my plane in the hangar that has no suitable 220v close by... I just give...
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    Exian's composite planes

    Hello RV7charlie! This is indeed my engine. Alternator should be stock. I will check how many amps my instruments are drawing (radio, EFIS, EMS) in their data sheet, but there is something about this alternator that I noticed : The "from" 5000rpm is important, in fact, there is almost no power...
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    Exian's composite planes

    Thanks for your interest! I didn't do cfd of my designs, just overall perfomance estimates with XFLR5 and comparision with other similar planes...
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    Exian's composite planes

    Thanks, I will take a look!
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    Exian's composite planes

    Second, KYRIOS I have the electric motor fitted in the nose, but I need to flip it by 30° so that the prop stops at an horizontal position. The back-plate holding the motor will be redone in CFRP with high temperature resin. Silent blocs are made of TPU 3D printed to the suitable...
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    Exian's composite planes

    Some news about my planes : First EXIA My wankel engine AIXRO XF40 has now passed over 100h. No particular maintenance performed expect changing the spark plug. Still good compression. My only problem is that I kill one lead-acid battery per year without fully understanding why... Electronic...
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    What do you think about "e-soaring"?

    To stay "glider like", there is also the solution tested for the "Euroglider" : https://www.aedevv-egda.net/index.php/vie-aedevv Two small pylon over the trailing edge of the wing with rearward folding props. Drawback of e-genuis and sunseeker duo configuration is that the vertical tail plane...
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    Engines to replace the dominance of Rotax

    TURBOTECH is no april's fool joke. They have a running prototype. They have the back-up of SAFRAN : most of TURBOTECH staff worked for SAFRAN. SAFRAN decided that the personnal project these people were developing was so interesting that they asked them to create a separate company to...
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    Epoxy Wipe composite finishing technique!!

    These links have been posted on HBA more than once, but it is never wrong to insist a little. Yes, everything writen in this article is true and must be followed carefully. Finishing a composite plane is easy and fast. Do not blame the composite tech for your own lack of skill or research on...
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    Composite wing spar web design - composite webs, foam webs, etc.

    Yes, those are Elastic modulus. From Toray web-site : Typical "HR" (high resistance) fibers are T700S, modulus 230 GPa, strenght 4900 MPa. At 60% fiber content your composite should have a modulus close to 140 GPa, strenght of 2900 MPa. What I use is indeed "IM" (intermediary modulus) fibers...
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    French increase microlight weight limits (2019)

    Life long licence without medical. Crazy isn't it? .