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    Need to re-think the aircraft that I want

    Kolb? Kolb Aircraft Co. Experimental, Ultralight and Light Kit Build Aircraft Just a thought - saw a ready to fly Kolbra with a Jabiru for $22,500 on Barnstormers tonight... That's probably half of what the kit would cost. How much do you want to build?
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    NTRS Shutdown

    Maybe more like this? EAA Sport Aviation - April 2013
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    For Sale Falcon XP Kit, Most Airframe Parts

    I’m interested… If there are some more pictures that would be great! Do you have a list of what’s for sale vs what was originally in the kit? I’ll take any info that you’ve got…
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    Browsers - Which is Best?

    I use IE on my winphone with no issues... And Firefox on my laptop... No issues there either.
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    ultralight wheels

    I think this is the sort of thing you were thinking of... ACS - Mag Wheels: Sports & Outdoors They're 20 inch wheels which might be a bit larger than you really want. If you do some creative google searching, you might find something that was intended for a kid's bike in a smaller...
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    Off topic question about flight sim games?

    X-Plane is developed on Macs and ported to the PC, so no worries about Mac support. But you will definitely want to check the specs page at X-Plane 10 System Requirements | to make sure that version 10 will work on your iMac. You may want to go over to Flightsim Community for...
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    Any interest in a compact pusher biplane?

    T-100D Mariah - Adams Aero Gene Turner's t100 Mariah comes to mind Sorry for short response, not near a real computer.
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    Wanted weight Scales

    Check the EAA chapters on your area... Most have tools that can be checked out by members. The bathroom scale method works, but you may want to take a couple of readings with scales in different positions to catch measurement errors.
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    Tandem LSA

    There was a 2 place airbike fuselage on barnstormers a few days ago... Would save you some welding...
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    Anyone use one of these?

    Nope, haven't used or seen one of those... but I seem to remember having seen instructions for building a wooden version (like this: FOLDING AIRCRAFT STEP STOOL from Aircraft Spruce ) in EAA's Sport Aviation less than 3 years ago...
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    Cable Guards

    What does a double cable guard look like? I ask because I cannot think of a way to do it that might not cause the cable to jam... The smart, easy way for me to figure it out is to go look inside a wheelwell, but there aren't any in the office ;)
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    Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?

    There is one Ion flying, and they did say that they wanted "beta testers" for the first few... So there might be a handful being built... I hear you on the plansbuilt thing... I don't know how much $$$$$ you have to spend in one go, but you may want to consider picking up a "wrecked" 2 place...
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    Scaling up a Part 103 design to LSA?

    What drew you to the Mariah? If you're looking for a twin boom pusher with 2 seats, the ION might be a good choice. Ion Aircraft It's not wood, but that could be less hassle than doing your own design.
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    Does someone know the books of Alex Strojnik? [Low Power Laminar Aircraft Structures]

    Re: Does someone know the books of Alex Strojnik? [Low Power Laminar Aircraft Structu Intriguing - I'd like to see the video even though I can't afford the horse-trading to get to Osh this year...
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    Ultralight Designs

    Bigger pics here: and here: Apparently this particular one is in the Royal Thai Air Force museum in Bangkok.