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  • The philosophy on life is to "live your life" to my way of thinking. I made my mind up on this after growing up on a farm in Iowa and learning there while hay baling, weeding soybeans, and tending cattle; about how to work hard and also to study. After my active military duty time I found that continuing education is the key to keeping guys like me out of the bars and married (I married a teacher and have kept her for 41 years now with two pretty daughters to boot.) I retired from airline flying recently after 28 years as a line pilot. I saw a lot of God's weather in those years. Now I read and reflect and fly every day that I can; I own four classic aircraft and keep them in my two hangars at KRGK. There will come a day for us all when a last check flight must happen...I keep this fact in mind.

    We have the same philosophy on life, there must be an element of risk involved. I ride a 2000 Triumph triple and recently sold it after commuting daily on it for a year (I figured my number would come up quicker the more time I spent on it). Now I just ride my 250 dirtbike through the desert where I can only blame myself if I get wadded up at the bottom of a canyon. I love your Biplane, it only lacks another seat, or maybe that's the best part?

    Happy flying,
    Yes the dog would like to go, he thinks anyway. Being named Riker after the Star Trek commander, he may have the stuff? In this neck of the woods, we have an astronaut who rides Harley's with a local club. Have yet to ride a mission with him but look forward to it. I ride a 1999 HD Softail Custom; second best thing to riding an open cockpit biplane. If I don't live a bit on the edge, then I really don't live.
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