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    Honda CBR in-line four

    I've been thinking about the whole lightweight high performance engine thing myself. I've got a lot of experience with the Suzuki Hayabusa and in many ways it seems like a good candidate. It's very strong, has a great head and EFI. Another option is the Yamaha V-Max - great torque, lots of power...
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    Using auto carbs

    Better yet, why not EFI or even constant flow fuel injection?
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    How Possible would it be to Invert an Auto V Engine?

    What is the benefit of inverting the engine? Lowering the center of gravity perhaps?
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    This might be fun

    Percy, I'm in Central Texas, near Austin. Dana, I guess when I say high performance I'm thinking more of a flying Honda ST-2000 than a Porsche. Small, nimble and fast for the price point. From what I've read something that cruises a 150 knots should be achievable, though perhaps the overall...
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    Modifying exhaust

    Well, I guess I should have been a little more specific. You don't want to change the lengths of each section of the pipe but you can change how they are bent. Looking at your photo it seems like you just want to get the pipe to fit within your bodywork. That first bend is rather sharp and I...
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    Modifying exhaust

    Check out the section on expansion chambers in the two stroke tuner's handbook. It's old school but the physics have not changed. http://edj.net/2stroke/jennings/2stroketunershandbook.pdf In essence with an expansion chamber, which is what that appears to be, you can twist them all over the...
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    Corrosion Protection Test

    I'm in the polyurea coating business. I wonder if a polyaspartic ester would be worth considering.
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    Here's a challenge

    How about taking them by a good auto body man?
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    Old timer pranks / shop jokes

    I worked in a machine shop many years ago where a Model T coil was floating around for a while. It was necessary to touch things before grabbing ahold of them to make sure they weren't hot. I remember one tool box that had arcs jumping from it.
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    This might be fun

    Seb, yep you're right - I like working with metal. Thanks for the links too. And you're right about that gotta be fast (or nimble) thing. I've had a few bikes that I thought I would enjoy but sold shortly after I bought them because they just don't have it. In fact, after riding the turbo for a...
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    This might be fun

    I can see the benefits of buying something used. With proper care I could probably resell it for close to what I pay for it. As for the type of aircraft, I have three requirements and one very desirable: R1> It has to be an established design with a good safety record R2> It has to have at...
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    This might be fun

    Thanks for the feedback Gents. I've been looking around and see that I can purchase used aircraft for about $20k. Has anyone looked at the costs/benefits of building over buying used? Also it seems that there are a hundreds of different kits and sets of plans for home built aircraft. How can...
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    Suzuki Motorbike engines

    I have both a Hayabusa and Kawasaki ZX-14 motorcycles. The Kawasaki is a much smoother engine than the Hayabusa. The Hayabusa has much better mid range torque and considerably better fuel efficiency. I would think that a choice worth considering is a engine from the Kawasaki ZX-14 Concours...
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    This might be fun

    Hi folks, I'm in my mid 50s and have been into hot cars and more specifically hot motorcycles since the early 1970s. Earlier this year I started building a front engine dragster but with the economic downturn money has been tight and progress has been very slow. On the same trip when I picked...