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    182 verses Skylane ?

    Not to be snide (and I probably am, sorry), your questions are best categorized as archeological. So many things will have been upgraded, removed or replaced on a 50+ year old airplane...
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    Another affordable avionic - iLevil AP

    I recently did a 90 minute X-C in the RV-9A with Garmin G3X Touch, autopilot on from after takeoff to minimums. All I touched was power and flaps. The capabilities these days are astounding!!
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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    Hmm. Do you have any statistics on post-crash fire? I've not seen any to support your position.
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    Another affordable avionic - iLevil AP

    Is there any reason to take your comments seriously? Sounds like you just need to vent and you hate Garmin. Other avionics vendors at all levels have had similar kinds of issues.
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    Big TV vs small TV

    There's lots of EFIS out there that are hard to read due to font sizes, small display, excessive color saturation and basic violations of human factors fundamentals. Anybody with solid user interface training can find fault with any avionics displays, including airliners. The good (?) news is...
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    LS3 FWF prices

    Another consideration instead of automotive conversions is marine engine conversions. Then again, what I've heard (weasel word) is that it's seldom the engine per se, it's the accessories, cooling, PSRU, vibrations, etc that are the problem.
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    FAA Safety Hotline Reporting

    Don't forget the NASA ASRS program if you're concerned that you may have done something wrong. And don't forget that the FAA is a bunch of individual in a bunch of different offices with different bosses. Your mileage is almost guaranteed to vary...
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    replica's other than p-51 p-40

    Here's sweet looking P-36. I talked to the folks at Oshkosh and they seem to have their act together: P-36 Prototype — ScaleBirds
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    The best part of this discussion is that I've discovered that there is an Ignore feature on this site. Won't have to look at posts from the self-righteous and outraged any more.
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    I've flown three different Ventures. They're fine X-C machines but not sport planes. Not sure how well they could handle ice with the sharp leading edge on the horizontal tail.
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    Mike Patey - Scrappy's Wing

    Semi-official word is Tuesday or Wednesday.
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    Mike Patey - Scrappy's Wing

    Based on his other videos, if the wings aren’t ready he’ll just hightail it down the freeway.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    I sure wish some moderator would put this thread out of its misery. The *****, moan, whine and I know better content is way too close to 100%.
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    For those with an interest in the Goodyear inflatoplane.

    The Inflatoplane apparently had atrocious flying qualities. Not to say that couldn't be improved upon, but...
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    Battery recovery

    Genius brand battery charger has a recondition mode