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    Look up Don's Dream Machine in Bessimer Al. Don Wade. They do a lot of Cont's.
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    Can Dihedral wing Angle negate the need for Ailerons

    Back in 1995 or 96, I headed up an RC, high wing scaled up version of an old free flight model called a Quaker. when the radio tec. allowed for small servos, guys stated to fly them with rudder, aileron only. they were very easy to fly, and made great RC trainers. We decided to build a times 5...
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    Hi. I have not been getting any emails from homebuilt updates for several weeks now. just...

    Hi. I have not been getting any emails from homebuilt updates for several weeks now. just wondering what's happened and how to get back in the loop. Thanks Eddie Clark. [email protected]
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    Oldfield Baby Great lakes .

    I received ownership of a Oldfield Baby Great Lakes Bi-Plane. I flew this plane for many hours years ago when it belonged the the owner prior to the estate I got it from. My concern is that I think the horizontal incidence has been changed a lot but never flown. Does anyone possible know what...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    As the Andy Capps news paper cartoon pub tender said at the end of the day, Gents, it's time to call time. it's not worth the outcome.
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    Interesting composites problem

    After thinking about it, if it doesn't take care of the problem, you can pull it out and try some of the more complex (good) ideas. Just think, the scat tube has a spring in it that should help absorb some of the resonate. Hell, I didn't even finish High School, what do I know.
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    Interesting composites problem

    Not seeing any photos of the actual installation. What is the chance of of inserting the next smaller size scat tube with cut outs where the vents are. again, not seeing your installation, I'm just suggesting. Also, by removing the vents, you could bond the scat tube around the outlet area. I...
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    Existing single cantilever tubular spar wing designs?

    The Nick Jones White Lightning has a carbon fiber tapered tube spar that also contains the reserve fuel. It was constructed around a mandrel using prepreg carbon. Wrapped with bleed cloth, heat shrink wrap and etc. standard procedure without going into detail. the carry through, was a larger...
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    60” wide 2024 aluminum

    Back in the 60's, Len Niemi built the his famous Sisu sailplanes (11) of them, with stressed skins. no spar. One is in the aerospace museum in DC. Len was a Dear friend of mine, and after working on several projects with him through the years, I learned a great deal. They were riveted with ribs...
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    21st century Volksplane?

    Hi, David. As I stated, the gear was given to me by a friend, who retrieved it from a (non- wrecked) VP-1. I would assume though, that is made of 7075 T-6. The only way to know for sure, would be to have a Brenell test done. I think I spelled that correctly. Anyway, you get the idea. Wish I...
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    21st century Volksplane?

    No offence taken as to your not wanting the gear. It came from a parted out VP years ago, and was give to me by a friend. I wanted it for the tires and wheels to use on a non-flying cart to use in the yard. It had old floating disk brakes that had corroded up so bad, that they were not usable...
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    21st century Volksplane?

    I have a landing gear with cables that I will donate to the Volks Plane project if you will pay shipping. Ph. 864-449-5895 Email- [email protected] Eddie Clark in South Carolina.
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    Reference to White Lightning Aircraft owner.

    Will Mathews, owner of the WL kit company, passed away suddenly, sometime in April or May of 2015. Not sure of exact date. I thought this may be of interest to some who still show interest in the plane. His widow, Gail, will have to sell assets from company at some time I am sure. I am willing...