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    BF-109 Aerofoil Question

    If you're still looking for this info, I've come across this thread and turned that mess into a .DAT. I'm not sure where that info came from or how to put a 2R1 airfoil together myself so these may not be 100% accurate... and i'm not sure if the tip foil is for early or late 109s :/ Here's a...
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    Military Design Standards

    Thanks guys! Just to be clear though, I'm not looking for a means of ensuring your design meets the requirements, Just the requirements themselves. I'll take a look at the books though... I'm sure the contracts would specify these things but I feel like over time the gov could just publish some...
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    Military Design Standards

    Hi everyone! Feel like I've looked everywhere and just haven't been able to find any of these... Is there a publication of any sort stating US military general requirements relating to aircraft design?? Found AMCOM site which seems close but there weren't any hard numbers where i was. Just...
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    Barber Pole Spinners

    Hi! Wondering if anyone knows how to make a good barber pole paint scheme for a propeller spinner cap. I came across this but it doesn't account for RPM or tell how to measure for spinners other then 9x12.... it also doesn't mention the shape of said spinner other then "9x12." lol spinner...
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    Ultimate loads compression in aluminium

    What sort of fatigue would resonance cause; how would you compensate for that? :lick: (or perhaps just vibrations, lol)
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    Black Fury

    Preventing tip stalls are a matter of design; although an AOA gauge would assist a pilot in knowing how close he is in stalling.. or not. :ban: AOA
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    Flying Prone ?

    Yea, I've pretty much settled on a near supine / acute reclined position.... just have to come up with a way to improve visibility from that position now. =P
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    Has NASA lost it??

    I sent an e-mail to them asking about the current status of the project... that was about a week ago, no reply. :roll: *sigh*
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    Supercapacitors can you imagine having a battery that's the size of a piece of paper, including the flat part? :ban: and is flexable and/or made to fit whatever area needed? I havnt rly found any technical data...
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    Any Ideas?

    woot, thanks guys :)
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    Any Ideas?

    Anybody know what plane this is? Just about crashes at the end! :shock:
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    Crescent Wing Design

    Hi guys :) I was sure that it had been brought up here before but I just couldnt find it using the search tools (so maybe it hasnt been mentioned). I'd like to know what you all think about crescent wings; how they compare to elliptical wings and/or your typical rectangular wing. I'd thought...
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    SNCAO ACA-5 ....:shock: Kinda looks like something from star wars :) and it seems it was thought of atleast in 39'. What do you guys think?
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    Puffin #73

    Ahh, ok, thanks guys :)
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    Puffin #73

    Hi guys Have any of you ever come accross any info on this Formula 1 racer? Liiiiike if it ever flew or not?:whistle: