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  • Hi, Yes I have thought about it. For a few years I've had very negative dealings from Pat Panzara because of his close relationship with WW. The way Pat dealt with me was less than kind and not fair. However in the last couple years it seems that he has softened somewhat maybe because his dealings with WW have changed. I am thinking that once I have a couple articles in Kitplanes and Sport Aviation he may contact me on his own and then I would be willing to discuss an article with him. I know that WW goes out of his way to destroy people that are his perceived competition or a threat to his "authority" status and it is easy for those that have followed him to repeat what they hear from him without fact checking. It is still something I deal with and several of his former "workers" and partners (Roys Garage, Falcon Machine, Magnificent Machine, and others) are going through the same problems from him. I figure that time and truth will sort things.
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