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    Alternative blower for blown wing

    Might work if you solve the problem of the rotor to flex in unison to the wings. Build a model, let us know. If this works, your might...
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    Magnetic gear box

    There is a caveat: there is a slip above certain torque. Using ferrite cores the slip torque will be much lower than silicon steel lamination as used in transformers. For higher torque, the diameter needs to be bigger.
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    Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) to take your commute into the third dimension

    Well "the problem" now, is millions of people commuting every day to work, to buy groceries and generally driving places. With population increase, this number is growing every day. The current roads barely can support the traffic now, and it is estimated soon we'll exhaust the space even to...
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    Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) to take your commute into the third dimension

    Hi choppergirl, The gas powered variable pitch multicopter was done multiple times before, one example EWZ-Z110 (see here: or this one: An ejection seat is a good (saves the...
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    Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) to take your commute into the third dimension

    You are perfectly right here, Toobuilder, and we're trying to do exactly that, plus 100 things more:
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    Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) to take your commute into the third dimension

    I'm not so sure I'm looking at it the wrong way. Wings benefits are not based on distance but on speed. At any non zero speed and proper AoA they provide much more lift than drag. Fighting gravity all the time with direct thrust is a bad thing to do, regardless of distance. The characteristics...
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    Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) to take your commute into the third dimension

    Hi Kingfisher, great for sharing your work! I think the biggest problem for VTOL aircraft design is the disparity in power between hovering and cruising. This VTOL conundrum is somewhat alleviated by the high efficiency of electric propulsion, but the lift in hover still needs to be increased...
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    Problem with Electric Vehicles

    No problem with electric vehicles I don't see any problems with electric vehicles. in this post: I've compared 2 power-plants, having similar power, electric vs internal combustion engine...
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    My Project: Electric single seat Microlight

    Is this really a thing? I'm searching everywhere documentation about one bigger propeller being more efficient than multiple smaller ones, same disk loading, but unable to find. Could you point me into the right direction?
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    Read first, Composites FAQ

    The link in the first post are still not working...
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    man-hauling drones

    Multi-copters are notoriously ineffective from the aerodynamic point of view, even compared to a single rotor helicopter, as more rotors have more loses. I think the "personal flight" should rely on a more effective means of flying, not the most easy to control and build, especially if the...
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    Q regarding air velocity immediately aft of prop disk

    No, the airspeed does not stay constant. The propeller is providing "induced airspeed" by accelerating the air, dependent on aircraft speed, rpm and prop pitch. For a given RPM and pitch, this induced airspeed is maximum at static condition, when the aircraft speed is zero, assuming the prop is...
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    Personal Flight Association

    Happy birthday PFA! Today is the official birthday of the Personal Flight Association ( as a not-for-profit Corporation. It coincidences with the birthday of a great nation. Happy birthday Canada! The Personal Flight Association is a collaborative effort of...
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    Personal Flight Association

    WOW! Nicely said! Bravo!
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    Personal Flight Association

    jedi, We will have 2 sections: one public where discussions are public and we'll share public information, that will be free of charge by the way. The second section is for persons and team members that actively develop VTOL "personal aircraft", not necessarily in the form of multi-copters, and...
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