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    Lycoming Work

    Thanks for all the info. I can always count on the people here to give me some good answers. Richard good to here from you. Here is the link to my blog that details the move and everything else that is happening. My biplane blog -Chris
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    Lycoming Work

    Thanks, Now I just need to see if Lycoming has an engine manual I can get or at least find the torque specs.
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    Lycoming Work

    I purchased an exper. airplane a few months ago. The plane belonged to my grandfather and he flew it for four years. The plane has now been stored for 27 years. I have given the plane a VERY thorough inspection and found zero corrosion. I t was suggested to me to take of the cylinders so that...
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    MkV Bipe Successfully dewinged!

    Thanks to alot of advice I received on these forums I successfully de-winged and moved the plane. Below is a link to the videos. Video – De-winging the Mark V Biplane « Durand Mark V(5) Biplane Thank you, Chris
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    MkV update

    Well some of you where following my Blog, that is until I failed to back it up and it crashed! I have it mostly rebuilt and I think for the better. the content should start to get better after next weekend because I am going to pick the plane up. Check out the new blog/website and please leave...
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    Interesting Add-ons

    "Also, and this is more common but not ver prevalent on certified aircraft, arguably useful, but cool non-the-less, are angle of attack indicators." Indicators as in needles? I have an indicator, its a loud horn!
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    Ever been here?

    Hey everyone, I am looking for anybody that has ever visited Durand Sky Ranch. Doing some research and I know there has been a ton of get togethers there. It started operating in '46. Nebraska The airport was home to EAA Chapter 80 and a flight school for a while, had a couple fly-ins every...
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    Interesting Add-ons

    Simple ones for me. My plane has an "inactive" pedal. When the pilot pushes forward on a rudder pedal the opposite pedal barley even moves. Another thing I thought was neat but can't remember where I seen it, was a built in camera mount molded into the verticle stab. Nothing earth shattering...
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    Glass panel

    Well, its kind of new to me. I am researching what I really want. I would like navigation like GPS and engine monitoring. -Chris
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    I finally received my notice that the N# I requested has been reserved for me. The process has been slow so I get excited about the smallest stuff. The next three weeks will be slow but then it should get very interesting. Thanks to everyone that has been following my blog. Make sure you keep...
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    Glass panel

    How about the Dynon 100?
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    Looking for old advertisements

    Just ordered the FAA info for $10. Thanks Again -Chris
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    Glass panel

    Thinking about a glass panel. I only fly VFR, at least for now. Any ideas on something affordable. -Chris
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    Industrial Designer and aviation enthusiast

    Regardless it's cool looking and a start. Welcome! -Chris
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    EADS builds all-electric Cri Cri

    This thing is cool. I would love to do an electric someday, heck, I would even consider converting mine! Just to much revamping, wieght and balance and all that fun stuff.