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Apr 17, 2019
Aug 8, 2018
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Well-Known Member, from Illinois as of 08/12/2018

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Apr 17, 2019
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    Illinois as of 08/12/2018
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    Would like to do my first lesson for pilot training, take a ride in a glider
    Past Projects:
    Sketches of various GA aircraft
    Polymath whose past experiences include 3 years towards an engineering degree, a Bachelor's in Philosophy, 2 years of teaching high school math, and 3+ years of professional IT experience. When I was a kid (9-10) I "designed" airplanes with the goal of oneday becoming an engineer. Then I realized that an engineering program is much more about teaching you how to be a very small part of a large process, and not about teaching you how to be a designer.

    I've grown up riding and fixing motorcycles, cars and computers (well, not riding computers), and would probably be described as a "maker", although I'm afraid I'm a pretty disorganized one and have many more projects "in process" and only a few that might charitably be called "finished".

    Low-cost composite construction, liquid-cooled piston engines, remote operation for testing, hydraulic and electric flight control for general aviation, motorjets, Deltic diesels, opposed-cylinder diesels, turbocompound engines, motorgliders, ultralight, transferring racecar safety technology to GA