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  • I'm pretty much sold on sonex as a company seems that they have done their homework on the planes they have and they are actively looking for new customers.How many times have you looked at a plane and plans and can't find out much about them.?

    I'm gonna step back and go with the wood plane projects for a second.The one thing about them is how many times have you seen someone who's built a wood plane take years to build.? I would think if you bought a kit and let it set for a few years through winters and hot humid summers and God, only know what bugs and other things get to it and trust it.? Thats why i'm thinking metal and i would go with composites but i hear so many things about putting it in an over to cure.Who has an oven that size.lol
    Don't rush it,that thing has your life in your hands.lol Hey, atleast you have the plane in your hands and its up to you.? I think you can do it and i think if i'm right on my finances and "something" doesn't come up I'll be building one in three years. I thought of taking flying lessons and getting my sport pilot license but why? I have a friend that is going for his PPL and he hasn't flown in about two months and went back and said his landings were like a first timer. so,i think i'll wait until i'm near the end of he build.so,i don't get rusty and spend alot of money that i could be spending on the plane. What do you think.? Also flight schools around here are not to keen on sport pilot and taildragger planes so i will have to travel atleast an hour to get trained on a taildragger if thats the route i go with.I'm with you the tricycle gear doesn't look as cool and i guess thats what drew me into the older WWII planes. can you imagine a P-51 with tricycle landing.lol
    Building is going slower than i had anticipated.. work keeps getting in the way.. but i am enjoying every second of it. It is a lot of fun and really satisfying when an assembly comes together and i am holding a completed part of my future airplane. I have wanted to do this my whole life and so far it has been the best decision i have ever made to start this project. Now if only i could get some more time off from work...

    I wish you luck in getting to your goal!
    From what i hear there is no difference.. but i cant tell for sure because i have never flown one! I have heard absolutely nothing negative about the flying characteristics from all the research that i did. I went to the Sonex Weekend thinking i was going to come home with a Sonex and not a Waiex.. but when i saw one in person it just looked too good and i had to get it instead. I had my reservations because i think the Waiex sitting on tricycle gear looks downright goober-ish.. but sitting on a tail dragger it looks really aggressive and sexy. It is definitely a polarizing airplane (people either love or hate them).. and i think mine (with the neon green paint scheme) will definitely turn a lot of heads either way. I was nervous about them jacking up the price as well.. i daydreamed for almost three years before i was able to buy the kit.
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