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    My 13B engine configuration (tentative)

    Did the seller say why they decided to remove the rotaries? Was it due to issues with their operation, or integration with the airframe? Thanks, John
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    Control surfaces actuators design/preferences

    There's always this version of home-made! :)
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    BD-4 Complete Airframe Project $3500 Las Vegas

    I posted a link to this notice over on Forum. A gentleman from Europe is asking for an email address of the seller. Can that be provided? I can pass it along. Not seeing how to private message on this site. The BD-4 site has a private message feature.... John
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Meaning, it had not been inspected by a representative of the FAA administrator (i.e. a DAR or FSDO ASI)? Not sure what (if any) the rules are for Russian registered experimental a/c in the US.
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    Mazda 13b w/ Tracy Redrive

    Curious, how much horsepower do you estimate you're getting now, and much do you prefer to have? Is your current horsepower limited by some aspect of the installation (coolant or oil temps)? Thanks, John
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Thanks for the reply Marc. I thought the VNE/0.9 was a prescribed minimum relationship to Vd, enacted to prevent manufacturers from setting an arbitrarily low Vd. I've not read it as the required absolute relationship. I get it's probably a valid assumption to use for our purposes with E/AB.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Does Van's publish their Vd value? For that tested to Vd, how did you obtain the value? Thanks, John
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    Weather Forecast App Recommendation Please

    I've come to rely on MyRadar. It has great aviation features, even the free version.
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    Adjusting Airspeed for Altitude

    This figure is from the January 2001 Sport Aviation article "Airspeeds, Five ways to measure your airplane's velocity", by Ed Kolano. It shows (and the article explains) how the various airspeed values relate. Ed wrote more detailed airspeed related articles in February and March, along with...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Let's hope this comes true..... Saw this yesterday, haven't had time to look into specifics:. Mazda's rotary engine will return to the US with the MX-30 EV
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    CAD Program

    @rotax618, nice looking rig! Did u build from a kit, one-off design? Happen to have a write up on the machine somewhere we could read about? I have interest in a combo CNC / laser cutter. John
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    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    Well as long as we're daydreaming.... how about a flying replica of the SA-43 Hammerhead from the mid-90's TV show "Space: Above and Beyond"? Couple of Wankel 3-rotor rotary's driving ducted fans.... with afterburners. Fun!
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    Leveling a Wag Aero Sportsman 2+2

    Hi Jamie, I have a plans set from Wag Aero for the 2+2 (purchased back in the early 90s I think). Leveling instructions are found on the back of sheet 17.00 under the instructions for "Rigging The Sportsman 2+2". "Laterally: Using a level 30 inches long, place it across the center of tube US-1...
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    Gear Box Failure @ 43 Hours

    Consider using telltale temp tabs and making examination of them part of your pre-flight. You'll need to consider what a given surface's temperature equates to internally. Several temp ranges can be used during development to determine what an operating "normal" is for each location. Telltale...
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    Mazda Rotary Engine

    Head over to Lots of actual experience with the powerplant there and active new installs being developed.