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    Viêm tuyến tiền liệt là gì, chữa viêm tuyến tiền liệt bằng đông y có hiệu quả không? Sử dụng thuốc trị viêm tuyến tiền liệt nào là tốt nhất mf không ảnh hưởng tới sức khỏe, thời gian điều trị nhanh chóng? U xơ tuyến tiền liệt là gì? Chính là dạng phì đại tuyến tiền liệt lành tính.
    Hi dralb,

    The Komet is almost structurally complete. The wings (including ailerons and flaps) are finished and are just waiting to be final mounted into the fuselage. The tail plane is done. The fuselage is almost completed with the canopy installations to go. My last build cycle was installing systems including the flight control systems.

    It is hard to find a Lightning Bug because I own most of them including a couple of kits. I am aware of only two others that either myself or my business partner own. The one in Canada (C-GANT) would be for sale "at the right price" according to its owner, and the one in Maryland (N63974) is gathering dust in an old guys shed. I speak with him every few months and might be able to convince him to part with it if you were really keen to own a Bug.

    That Weber looks to be an interesting engine. I would be curious to get some feedback from you about it. If it could be shoehorned into a Bug, it could be a really good option.


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