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  • Hello Drake, Sorry, first time I see this post... email me if you like to discuss privately. I agree there are some people on SC.org not worth the time, but at times, it's the fun of the internet, I'm like teflon, nothing sticks, and I'm always looking to learn rather than teach.. .:)

    email is: jemo07@gmail.com (Jose)

    Would love to hear more on your project. I have been busy with other life projects, but I still make small advancement in building the three wings we will test on the Cub, S1223, Modified H14, and my Own. Problem I have been having is getting the thin profile to work for me, so any thought there would really help. My quest to is keep the Cub looking like a cub with fabric so there is my challenge.
    Take care and look forward to hear from you.
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