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    Forum made EFI?

    The thought with the propane would be a totally separate fuel system so if clogged filter bad pump vent sys not working You would still have some runtime to think.
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    Forum made EFI?

    I thought a simple emergency fuel system using a 1 lbs propane cylinder piped into the intake with a proper sized orifice with a simple manual valve would be great for a small engine.
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    VW Heads Designed for Aircraft- Poll

    I think people ask way to much of the humble aircooled vw in a 1600 to 1760 ish and to ramp it up and be a viable low maintenance engine is not realistic. There are better engines that are more modern in design and ability IE Jabiru Rotax 912 4 stroke snowmobile engines. for a single seat low...
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    VW Heads Designed for Aircraft- Poll

    Heat transfer coefficient may be why water is used instead of oil
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    Wicks Aircraft Supply 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL 4130 STEEL THROUGH THE END OF MAY

    Just received an email for 10% off 4130 use code ***USE COUPON CODE*** STEEL10 to the end of May 2020
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    Cubby Aircraft Factory in South Africa

    Who is your target market? And will you have kits as well as flying airplanes. Also what is the price range. Folding wings?
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    Replica home builts

    English wren motor glider
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    Shrinking down a two seater

    That would be the bear hawk LSA
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    Shrinking down a two seater

    n3 pup. How about cross between tailwind and j3 cub. with a Suzuki g13 conversion.
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    build/maintain muscle eat complex carb stay away from juice, beer, donuts and to much faty meat. stop eating when full drink water. me 6.2 185lbs
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    VW Heads Designed for Aircraft- Poll

    Is dual ignition really needed? Bigger cooling fins, both cylinders one piece, bronze valve seats. Or revive the water cooled heads. And a gearbox redrive on the flywheel side!!!
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    Ultralight markings

    EAA has a ultralight registration starts with. an E
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    man-hauling drones

    Batteries, weight capacity and cost We have the motors and controllers and large scale multi-prop are simple to design.