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Dec 30, 2019
Jan 10, 2011
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Dec 30, 2019
    1. Taiser
      Hi Doug,

      Thanks for looking. The aluminum baffle does 90% of the blocking of the air. It's only bent backwards at the bottom by 2cm to clear the cowl. If you look at the post above (#966) you can see a rough sizing of the aluminum baffle and how much it covers. The baffle material is added high on the aluminum and trails down to touch the cowl. The material is the thick version and pretty stiff. It only covers about 1/2" of opening at the bottom of the baffle. It shouldn't flex much, if at all in that amount of space. If it does, it won't be much that's for sure! Having it flex downwards like this makes the lower cowling easier to push up and install. If it does flex too much and I can't get the right amount of cooling, I'll redesign it to go lower and flex outwards, but I don't think it will be an issue.


    2. Deferred Defect
      Deferred Defect
      Hi Doug,

      We've all been very busy with a couple of IFR exams over the past few weeks, so most of the work this month has been in networking, planning, and researching our next move on the build. Because we are going to be taking a bit of a road trip to source our spar and fuselage material (likely from Ohio), we'v e been waiting for a break between juggling exams, flying, and so many other commitments!

      Until that time, we're just going to keep plugging away at figuring out things like our covering method, registration, etc.

      Rest assured, as soon as there's anything worth posting, it'll be up on our build thread!
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    Sport aircraft, construction, design and flying. Aerobatics. I have the urge to build again and have yet to decide on a contender. Perhaps tube and fabric (J3 replica) or composite (KR2S oversize). I like learning new skills - welding seems fun.


    Doug Gray
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