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    Low and Slow......and quiet ?

    You can take a 150mph airplane and fly low and slow if you use the throttle and keep it just above stall unless of course the aircraft stalls at 90mph and think of the fuel you will save. I think many guys are worried about getting something that requires no PPL to operate.
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    As far as retracts on the T-mono I'm amazed they where able to fit the system into the root wing. I look at mine and say ?? on how they did it. Many homebuilts such as the VP, Mini Max, and Fly Baby would sure look better and preform better if they could get the gear up out of the slip stream. IMO
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    My FAV.
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    Flaglor Scooter ?

    After looking at the prints I think this plane would easily be built from square Alum tube other were the engine comes into play but even that doable. I would myself would not scale up to a two place but even that would be a mission accomplished. A VW pulled it around and heavier weight plane...
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    Wanted Flaglor Scooter plans

    I have a set of the original prints and for those who are thinking of a first build I'd stick with the Mini-max or VP. IMO
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    Flaglor Scooter ?

    for those blind fellas like me.
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    Flaglor Scooter ?

    Nose bowl straight from the prints. Hope not to hard on the kneck
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    VB: I get the same type of response every time the wife goes down stairs to do laundry. Been thinking of bringing the plane up stairs to the living room. What did I do on my plane today ? Went and picked a few flowers because I need more wood. :pilot:
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    Narfi's Scratch Built Zenith 750 Super Duty

    narfi. nearly a thousand bucks down and 0% built. Sound about right to me. You may have to buy two retro scooters before all is said and done. 😧
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    Boat, Plane. Plane, Boat.

    Good to see your back on the airwaves Rob I hope your all well. Don
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    KR2 and Taylormono plane

    Dropped by to show a test fit going on with the fuel tank. Took only one cut to instrument panel to get the height needed and now to get some mounting tabs welded on along with a hand full of elbows and so on. The black bolt on cap will be replaced with a Alum plate with fill neck welded in...
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    Skis and floats

    The floats would have to hold up the GVW and enough HP to get up. Maybe a set of puddle jumpers that can handle the weight. As far as skies you'ed have to get the aircraft out on the snow and see if they will hold it up.
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    49 Aronaca Chief North Dakota 65 Cont.

    Drove over and took a peak and a bust in my opinion. I offered to give him 2500 for the 65 Cont but he does not want to part out at this time. Fabric has more dust then paint and strut fitting mount appeared to be bent also. I will try and share any aircraft that shows up locally in my area...
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    Ragwing RW20 Stork

    welcome aboard Gary. room for build is were you you can find it. Try and get the little things done and placed aside.
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    Question for the mods

    narfi couldn't your request be addressed by Private PM from members and then you wouild have the ability to share or not ?