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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Gee on top of building a plane and all that goes with it I get the joy of high prices and excessive shipping cost. What more to do to help save aviation this day and age. o_O
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    Build supplies under the clouds

    stocked up on rib lace and cost was 49.85 for 400 yds shipping 27.14 and with tax 82.38 total bill. That one kinda hurt.:(
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    Designing aircraft.. CG Vs center of lift question.

    Wild guess for me but I'd say the question of where the cord line would sit in reference to fuselage is a matter of weight forward and aft of the airfoils CG, I don't think it matters much if any if the wing is above the Fuselage or mid wing or low wing. I,m sure there is a ton of mathamatics...
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    Flying for Fun: An Affair With an Aeroplane

    Watched Skyward just now for the first time and I must say it was beyond GREAT movie.
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    Wooden spring/Wittman gear?

    My thoughts on this is how would you protect from moister ? if gear was covered with carbon fiber or fiberglass radius and legs would need to be very flexible and half the impact force would be slamming the glue joints. Don't get me wrong I would love to have wood gear like the one you gave the...
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    Build supplies under the clouds

    Your right BJC damages had nothing to do with supplier. I have spoken to a fello log member about cost of shipping and he is unhappy with cost but as ACS told me on the phone UPS sets cost and it is out of their control. But it would be nice if supplier had something in contract to help ease the...
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    Build supplies under the clouds

    My prior order before this last one had 6- 2ftx4ft ply sheets and was damaged by UPS and I took a couple pictures and emailed to ACS and within just a few days I had 6 new sheets without a dime out of pocket. I was very impressed with the supplier but disappointed with UPS. Would be very nice if...
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    Build supplies under the clouds

    I want to drop in and give a little in site on ordering supplies from companies such as Aircraft Spruce and specialties and the like. I have placed an order to Aircraft Spruce and while filling out the on line order form the shipping was $171.00 and I realized prices are high these days but I...
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    New Wood Supplier in MO

    If its the same Patrick I'm thinking of in Canada with a new saw mill he is a really nice fellow and has much experience with KR-2 aircraft and similar types. This is good news.
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    KR2 and Taylormono plane

    Good to see you drop by. I want to share a step I did to my Horizontal stabilizer tips to add strength in case of those dreaded bird strikes or a youngster running a tad bit to close to the tail. As you can see in past pictures that area of the horz stab is next to impossible to cover with ply...
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    Getting to Deep Space

    Space the finial frontier. I imagine one offs as in homebuilt fits being she has to fly. We best master the waters first
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    Seen from above

    I was flying near Devils Lake N.D. and have heard of and seen many roads go straight out into the Water and what I found really eerie was farm houses and sheds over half submerged in the lake and some completely under water along with tractors and abandoned cars and trucks. Was flying north up...
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    Seen from above

    Dang Pops that was you ? I waved and jumped as much as I could to say HI. 🤭
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    For Sale Craigslist

    Motor is worth that. Not to mention the gear. The turtle deck and dash is a (?) for me Id have to have a pillow to sit on.