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    Still breathing!

    Covid-19 numbers still climbing in upper mid west. And was thinking of mask compared to ventilator. When in the fleet of the USMC I had to go to the gas test chamber and test new military issue complete body suit for chemical warfare and remember clearly and small amount of burning on the back...
  2. don january

    4A-084 teledyne engines for sale

    I often wondered how the 4a-084 would do on the Taylor-mono plane ? If a person could get 48 hp at cruise it may just be the ticket other then weight. With the Diehl wing kit for KR-2 and long root spars it may handle weight fine as a single seat
  3. don january

    Making a firewall

    Does help to have the flange because cowling mounting is a issue on most any plane.
  4. don january

    Could I do this aviation job?

    CG its good to see that one Member (myself) took the effort to get a plane off the ground with material items needed. But much more satisfying to see members give priceless advice to you without even getting any thing. (which by the way the watch never worked "bummer") for the sake of the VJ...
  5. don january

    Making a firewall

    Mike this is the way mine is done. I have 3/4"x3/4" Alum angle slotted about every inch and formed to fire wall outline. It is then riveted to heat shield of FW. I guess the picture speaks for itself.
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I spent the last couple days scrounging ply sheeting for the finial plying of Fus and working on access panel just forward of Vertical Stab to get to the Elevator aft pulley. Also sanded areas needing some attention from Epoxy/alcohol coating for next pass of same. Best of all I got to sit...
  7. don january

    Buying airplane with no regisitation?

    When I found my 1939 Stinson HW 75 all it had was the ID number on the air frame and I contacted the FAA with that number and a short note on how I acquired the aircraft and asked for owner ship and N number. It took a little over 8 months of waiting and required fee I then received the...
  8. don january

    Wanted aircraft grade ply

    I'm asking to see if anyone has aircraft grade full sheets or half sheets of 1/8" and 1/16" and one full sheet of 3/64" ply for my build ? Please drop me a PM if you have some to sell . I'll pay shipping. Thanks Don
  9. don january

    Still breathing!

    Well here in North Dakota we self isolate and stock food every year its called "WINTER" so that hasn't been a big shock to my family. Many snow birds are returning from down south soon and that has become a concern for the community.
  10. don january

    Yet another VW power argument. Again.

    Mike you forgot the one who started the KR family so they say. John Taylor and the Taylor-mono.
  11. don january

    Building the fuselage sequence ?

    One point to consider is during final assembly such as wing and Horz. stab incidence set to thrust line you can have a 1/4" twist in over all fuselage shape (Hope not) but you should not depend on any thing other then water level or Laser beam to set your incidence to thrust line. Dihedral of...
  12. don january

    Building the fuselage sequence ?

    As the builder of a extremely curved Taylor -mono I wish I could have applied the ply sheeting before joining the fuselage sides to form the boat. That being said it is in my opinion that the ply should be added "after" the tail and firewall are joined because there is a amount of growth of...
  13. don january

    Could I do this aviation job?

    Tho I'm beyond sick of this thread I will post one last thing that these members should know about our esteem 'Chopper girl" I don't know of other members but in the past I mailed CG parts and items related to home built aircraft to try and assist with her or he?? dream to get the plane off the...
  14. don january

    Log forum - postings NEW UPDATE

    I checked and was not allowed to post in another project log so looks operational to me
  15. don january

    KR2 and Taylormono plane

    I have a update on the HS mounting blocks (post #84). I took the 4 screws at the front of each block and removed and reamed out to allow 4 SS dowels 3/16 Dia x 1-1/2" and filled the holes with as much Epoxy I could force to stay in the hole and also coated the dowels them self's and slipped them...
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