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    dual mechanical brake lever?

    Hi, Also, you can look at Michel Colomban's CriCri system, a single control and braking by right or left rotation of the brake handle. Sorry, I don't have a photo, but you can probably find it here in a topic on building the MC 15 CriCri MC-15 in NZ Dominique
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    Enclosing an Evans Volksplane VP-2

    Hello hard to make simple and pretty ..... it looks like my "Casoar":):) Here and after http://da01ulm.free.fr/fuso/fuso.htm#5 Dominique http://da01ulm.free.fr
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    Shoulder wing unpopularity

    Yes matthew I think so, and we can probably add that for the mid-wing, the wing is on the same axis as the propeller Dom
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    Shoulder wing unpopularity

    sorry ... in french http://www.peter2000.co.uk/aviation/tb20-experience/2011-12-canard-tb.pdf Dominique
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    Shoulder wing unpopularity

    Hello Yes but I never read that the aerodynamic balance was unfavorable to the median wing ... the opposite ! Now I am building an one seater ultralight with a shoulder-wing. I agree Dan, it is nice for visibility Dominique http://da01ulm.free.fr
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    Plank Progress

    félicitations Dominique
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    Hello, Some pictures of my current project http://da01ulm.free.fr/montage/montage.htm#3 Amicalement Dominique http://da01ulm.free.fr
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    Need info on CriCri MC15

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    French Navy Vid

    Hi "Les chevaliers du ciel" with beautiful pictures of the Alpes in Alfajet Dominique
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    VP turtledeck options

    Hi I do not have these means of calculation! more than the pitching effect, the turbulences at the rear of the cockpit and their possible effect on the rear surfaces, fin and stabilo worry me more. It will always be possible to modify the rear of the fuselage with wooden sticks and canvas, but I...
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    Rotax 503 ... 1 or 2 carburetor ?

    Hello For my current project (http://da01ulm.free.fr) the choice of the engine is not yet final. The general configuration of the aircraft imposes a light engine around 40 45 kg with at least 40 hp I'm thinking of the Rotax 503 and I wonder if there is a big difference in reliability and ease of...
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    The Ranger, an easily built high wing LSA runabout

    hello I take this subject to ask you a question you use CNC cutting so no problem for glues What about when using laser cutting that burns wood is this cutting technique allowed in aeronautical construction? tank you Dominique
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    Protech PT 2

    Hello I am looking for information on the Protech PT2 flaperon mixer Do you have some pictures or drawings ? Thank you Dominique http://da01ulm.free.fr
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    VP turtledeck options

    If you like this kind of airplane, you have also the nice PZL 106 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PZL-106_Kruk also a good idea for a Minimax ! Dominique
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    VP turtledeck options

    Thank you Matthew, but it will still wait 2020 or 2021 to see the Casoar fly! It's a cassowary I hope it can fly !!! Dominique