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    Buying a salvage aircraft and crossing the border with it.

    lots of planes and parts in Canada Kijiji of all places
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    Anyone ever come up with anti flip over aircraft floats

    work was done converting a lake and then a buffalo to "hovercraft",inflatable, amphibious landing gear, bell and nasa
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    Power generating

    Horrible drag,or excellent braking? plus didnt know that a variable pitch prop could start a stopped engine,thats something like 5hp,so in a scenario that involves a steep decent from altitude into a short strip, might get back enough juice to taxi in and out. Electric aviation is going to need...
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    Power generating

    I see the point, when I thought it through its likely going to generate just enough power to not quite run the electronic controls,though another poster reports some power in a ridge soaring glider. "Windmills (wind turbines) have a completely different blade geometry and twist to extract...
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    Power generating

    Have not calculated the braking force of an electric aircraft useing the generator function ,bet its small, but if used as a mater of course might pay off over time in tires and brakes, or not. Thinking the electric power control through in the proposed configuration and it could have three...
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    Power generating

    There will always be more than enough charge capacity for decent charging and useing the generator feature as a brake on landing, as the power used in getting airborne will always be larger that any that is recoverable. And as having the feature is mostly programing , a real question is ,what...
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    Contra rotating propellers

    Without having your reference material I have make a number of assumptions about the example cited, which are that the disks will be the same size and operating at the same speed, which are limitations that are not universal. Henryk has demonstrated that the two disks can operate at different...
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    Contra rotating propellers

    Good then. A contra rotating prop as you have noted reduces the disk size,and historicaly this has been applied to very high hp aplications,with complexity and added weight making it non competitive for homebuilt and other smaller planes. Henryk's developement is light and mechanicaly simple...
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    Existing single cantilever tubular spar wing designs?

    When building the gosemer condor they needed tubular carbon spars,that they built on aluminum tubing and then dissolved the aluminum, as it was the only way to free the carbon. Didnt know about chemical tapering, could be done simply by dipping, like a candle in reverse.
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    Ideal Weight distribution

    the problem with "paper", or any wood in general as an engneered product is,lignin, which holds the fibers together, and is very,very difficult to remove without destroying the fibers themselves. If lignin could be removed, leaving behind very long celulose fibres,this then would form the basis...
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    Control via Hydraulics

    hydraulics for a flapping wing aircraft ,which are reported to be more efficient than propeller driven planes, variation in the stroke (leangth,duration,starting and stoping point)could be used for control
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    Control via Hydraulics

    One atractive feature of hydraulics is the same for electrical systems,tuck the lines in where they will fit, with no strait runs needed as with cables and push rods. But its a lazy kind of atractive in this case. Building a thumb for a backhoe right now and the real advantage of hydraulics is...