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    What approach speed to use floating

    I am the CFI for a local flying club with a PA25-140 with 160HP. With 2 soles on board and a mid fuel load (25-40 gallons) I teach this. 85 MPH on the downwind. Normal landing with 2 notches of flaps, 80 MPH on final, then 75 MPH over the fence (very short final). Less than 72 MPH over the fence...
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    Pilot training - the good, the bad, and the ugly

    If this is a true story you need to report the CFI to either the local FSDO or the very least the Chief Instructor or Manager of the flight school. You may save a life in the future.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Since this thread is already off base here is another one. Middle aged pilot comes home after having an affair with his mistress. Had a few drinks so he forgot to clean up. Hair mess up, shirt tail pulled out, smelled of woman’s perfume and lipstick on his collar. Walks into his house and his...
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    Parts For Sale FS: KX-155 with KI-208

    14 volt without glide slope. Includes tray, connectors, back plate, and harness. KI-208 with connector installed on the harness. Works good and good display. $1250 with free shipping to HB members.
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    Hangar Storage Loft Ideas/ Experience Please

    if you have a square hangar, typically one or both of the rear corner spaces can be used to build a room (office, bath, storage, lounge etc.). Make sure to leave enough room for the horizontal stabilizer a minimum 14” clearance, and when a plane is fully in place at least 12” from the back of...
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    What is your biggest gripe about your hangar?

    My biggest complaint is hard to move sliding doors. I have installed three overhead doors, one Schweitzer cable bifold (50x14), good door with no issues. Then two Powerlift hydraulic one piece doors (41x11 and 51x15). Good doors with good customer service. Factory authorized...
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    VSI shows descend in flight

    I was getting ready to say that a VSI has an intentional calibrated leak, but as I continued to read I saw Dan Thomas beat me to it. Behind the glass is static air, that is why they teach you if your static port plugs up due to ice or some other reason, you break the front glass on the VSI to...
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    Garmin SL40....that's dirty pool old man !

    If you have a ham radio buddy have him/her dig a surface mount capacitor out of their junk box and give it a shot. What do you have to lose. Can you find a schematic to determine the value of the capacitor? If not just try any value, if it doesn’t work, sell it for $50 as a parts radio.
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    182 verses Skylane ?

    When you bought a new C182 in the late 50’s into the 60’s, by the time you added a few must have options, you were money ahead paying the extra for the skylane option (just like new car packages today). The pro was a few MPH speed gain, the con was you lose some useful load.
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    Flight testing...

    I have heard of many low time pilots trying to teach themselves to fly by “just high speed taxi” up and down a taxi way or runway, when by surprise they were airborne. Most of the time ended up with a damaged aircraft.
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    Who do I call?

    Flying Cessna aircraft over the years (150-152-170-172-175-180-182), I will take manual Johnson bar flaps over electrical flaps any day. Only benefit of electric flaps in the 182 was I could mount the console between the seats, which I love the extra storage and a place to put my coffee mug and...
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    Not all in California, I have discovered the good deals are always on the opposite side of the country from wherever you are located. Same jinx as wherever I am flying, I always have a headwind. I think it is similar to Murphy’s law.😂
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    Why do you want to fly Alaska ?

    I have been to Alaska 4 times. 2 by airlines and the other 2 flying a plane. In 2012 me and a couple buddies flew our 182s, via the trench. In 50 years flying the most enjoyable ever. For your first time just spend a year planning. Talk to other pilots who who have done it. Get charts and chart...