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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    Youtube Mike Patteys Scrappy build. I follow Rotecaerosport (my old boss). Make and open source cub design much like a locost kit car complete with auto conversion and the numbers of builders would jump up, costs.
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    Verner S9 vs Rotec R-3600

    I dont fly, but I have past experience with Rotec. I will only state facts, not opinions. The 1st motor was originally scaled up 7 cylinder inspired from a saito, 350cc with no reduction, for RC use, only one made. The 2800 7 cylinder was born from this, by 2 brothers in Melbourne, Australia...
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    Ducted Fan propulsion

    Does anyone think that 2 externally mounted ducts on a delta wing mounted just above the wing, at the rear and each side of the above blended fuselage seem like a good idea? At high alpha landing would the ducts starve? Or would the ducts draw more air over the wing and lower the stall speed...
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    Delta wing attach looking for ideas

    Hi bill, i got the same ideas for a small craft, a side by side 2 seat, twin duct pusher of a mid mount subaru ej (a risky plane). My ideas for safety involve the roof detaching and parachuting (ditching). Kinda like a sliding of a motorcycle rather than fighting for control...
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    Slow delta wings?

    Most deltas seem to be short and appear to have a centre of pressure not far behind the centre of gravity. In a pusher arrangement, be it high or neutral thrustline, I'm wondering if it may cause some wild dutch roll motion? Maybe this is why tractors are preffered, I'm thinking F117 with the...
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    rotec 2800

    I heard he just moved to a new factory and is flat out making water cooled head kits for jabiru, they have a landline telephone, you should call him - he may not get the time to answer emails so readily.
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    Mixed Flow In-line Fans Wasn't this a discussion on ducted fans? All of sudden it's a build thread?
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    Cool plane! Can't wait for the youtube clips. Unsure if this is the right thread for this or to start another; what do you guys think of mixed flow fans for propulsion? Dyson use them, airliners use them for the toilet vacuum pump, Troybilt make a great leaf blower with them. My understanding...
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    Internal Ducting in a Delta Airship

    I was looking at the d y s o n brand fan recently thought it would make a cool airship shaped like a tube, an airfoil lathed in section. Patents are recent, you'd have to pay royalties though.
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    Where to find complete blueprints ju88, Do-17, bf-110 for full scale replica ?

    Maybe volunteer at a local air museum and pick a display to fall in love with, camera, tape measure, 100's hrs on cad. It (blueprints) probably wont come your way to easily, maybe? Maybe not?
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    Beginner's welding equipment

    Haunt the sunday flea market for an old single phase, shunt wound arc welder for about $35 max. You'll never break it, it'll weld forever. Be careful for these all in one Ch1ne$e welders with mosfets, arrrgh, i'm living a nightmare with that peice of cr@p!!!!:dis:
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    Volvo 5 cylinder turbo.

    The engine blocks sure look the business, deep webs, pressure cast alloy. The crankshaft is of some concern, a nice forging but the counter weights are a bit huge. (I am not the originating source of the images)
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    Volvo 5 cylinder turbo.

    Is the volvo b25 worthy of note? Thinking a turbo under the sump for a long, slender cowling. The range rover v8 seems the benchmark, could the b25 add turbo outclass it for power to weight? I've lifted a subaru bare block and Vw type bare block and the suby weighs a ton more, I'm not totally...
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    Vectorizing old plans

    I've used microstationJ from 1996 for tracing photos for the last 16 years. Simple, easy, rolling circles out tangentially to other circles always gives you a good basis for solid modelling the contours in other more advanced cad packages. You will spend more time cleaning up vector art and...
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    Albatros D5a Project

    900kg in our language, we in oz are only allowed 600kg for a homebuilt, this build is in oz so iron block is most certainly a no go. Well, I sure hope Sheppo can check back in soon and give us an update. I feel like I'm thread jacking this, Sheppo, please come back??? :dis: