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    Tipsy Junior

    Hmmmm...maybe use the same method Peter Sripol just used on his Ul wings to form these belly and turtledeck? Those wings were light enough for true 103, and might well make a moldless composite.
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    Suitable airfoil large thickness, high RE

    In an earlier post you mentioned needing a skilled RC pilot....errrmmmm....how old was the one you found? lol kid flew really well!
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    Flaglor Scooter ?

    Didn't the Avid Catalina use a basketball as both nosecone and dock bumper? Put in place flat, and inflated to hold? I can see that working as a mold too, lol
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    Small workshop layout

    Matt, when I had space limitations, I had a metal "army" desk, one of those grey metal super sturdy models from the fifties. I put wheels on it, and mounted a small table saw, drill press, grinder, and belt/disc sander to each corner. I used the center drawer for drill bits and layout tools, and...
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    Single Tube Fuselage idea

    http://lightsportaircraftpilot.com/quickfix_quicksilvermx3axisconversion/index.html Close to what you are talking about?
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    Are there plans for a scratch builable amphibious aircraft

    This tics so many boxes for guys who want to take their airplane home....https://youtu.be/Yus-V_wVYDk Some of you Vietnam era boys may remember this more correctly than I, but Didn't the US Navy build/buy two to evaluate their capability to fly in the Mekong delta for recce? edit. Yep Osprey...
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    GM LE2 engine conversion

    My take on that was that he was trying to achieve a calculated max flow at cruise RPM. .
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    KOLB Mark III Project - Phoenix AZ $8500

    Errrrrrr. . . just how much does this kolb weigh?
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    Peter does it again

    Why Would you wash a coffee cup? My Mokka pot wouldn't be the same either... Lol
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    Fritz plane nominations

    OOOOOOOOkay...Guys, I've got to agree with Fritz here. I own some good 1970's era American made Brakes, a 48" and a 120" one. We BENT a two axle trailer moving the ten footer--it's that heavy. I spent a couple of years in my misspent youth attending the Union program in the Bay area's sheet...
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    Flaglor Scooter ?

    Why has Errik not drawn an affordaplane or skinny fuse version of this yet, lol. Maybe even with one of Fritz's ply fuse designs. The VW would haul the big guy.
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    JMR Special 1st Taxi

    Beautiful work, as always Pops! Wish you were my neighbor! Have you any new inside info and pics on Bob Barrows ultralight project?
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    [QUOTE="We also demolded the tailwheel spring, which turned out to be somewhat of a failure. The 1/2" OD solid rod we molded from carbon tow is so nearly completely rigid that it would be useless as a spring. I was not expecting that sort of modulus from such a rudimentarily molded part. I'll...
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    Mitchell Wing

    Would these guys know of any? Did you contact them? https://mitchellwings.com/