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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I saw a post on FATPNW about someone up flying Thurs evening picked up ELT while over Whidbey and was confused when ATC asked them "can you tell where it is located?" I'd be confused too with that question. On the plus side, the ELT activated as intended, which they don't always do.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Sad news to hear about Ron Borovec. Yes, a good lesson for all of us. Got to thinking what might be in the AIM. (Aeronautical Information Manual) Page 6-2-5 had several useful numbers. Had the Coasties CGRCC numbers, AFRCC numbers, etc. I plugged those numbers into my phone. Also added the...
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    You can thank Aviation Outlaws for your Homebuilding Hobby

    CG, thanks for the post and links to videos. There's also a nice article on the "outlaws" in this months issue of Sport Aviation written by Lauran Paine.
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    Preceptor Stol King

    Howdy, Much like the second to last poster, Conundrum, I was wondering what consisted of a full set of plans. I'm the newsletter editor for a local EAA chapter and found a surprise package on my doorstep with no return address. 14 pages of plans for a STOL king. I suspected I might be missing a...
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    Was asked a question about sailplanes and experimentals the other day...

    I agree, I think the LSA option is certainly going to be the more popular option. I didn't get a chance to talk long with the older gentleman that asked me the question (I didn't even get his name). I didn't inquire on the state of his medical if he let it lapse or if he was denied. Who knows...
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    Was asked a question about sailplanes and experimentals the other day...

    Was asked a question about sailplanes and experimentals the other day... Prompted by the fact that glider ratings don't require medicals, even motorgliders... With regard to experimental airworthiness certificates and registration etc, what defines a motorglider (or SLS, self-launching...
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    The weekend design concept

    Sounds almost like a Gweduck, except the gweduck is not moldless, and has IO-540's, and you can't quite stand up in back (but a lot more room in the aft fuselage than a Wigeon). It nearly has the range to make Hawaii, so wouldn't be that much extra fuel to make it.
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    Which plane?!

    Well, I suspect the people that commute do it as an alternative when the weather is nice. Where I work at BFI there are a few folks that fly into work when the weather is nice. So obviously this is not year round being Seattle.
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    I've just posted in a separate thread the recently issued FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin regarding the Zodiac. Having reviewed some of the data (linked in my above mentioned thread) from the static test to limit load and ultimate load, as witnessed by a Transport Canada DE...
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    CH601XL/CH650 FAA SAIB CE-10-08

    Gentleman, I have been notified that an official SAIB regarding the Zenith CH601XL/CH650 aircraft has been released. I am providing the complete text as communicated to me from EAA with all links to applicable guidance material. In a nutshell, if you are flying an SLSA CH601XL/CH650, it is...
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    Seawind design considerations

    I think they did eventually certify the seawind. Not sure what they did to make it certifiable. The design has a high thrust line, but the horizontal is inline with the engine. Done right it can have good pitch characteristics. Looking at my oshkosh pics, it looks like it has a fairly high...
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    Crossing the atlantic: which requirements?

    So several folks have chimed in that it is possible, even with some of the slower classic airplanes like that 65hp t-craft. However, it sounds like you've got something more specific in mind. What sort of twin engine experimental are you thinking of?
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    Gweduck First Flight

    Yeah, I got my arm twisted a while back, been fun so far. EAA 26 meets the 2nd Thursday of the month, except July. Directions, etc on Seattle EAA Chapter 26. Looks like this year that lands on the 10th of September. Kent chapter 441 at Crest airpark is the 4th Monday of the month, the 28th of...
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    Gweduck First Flight

    Re: Gweduck First Flight 2 May 2009 This is the no foolin out of ground effect first flight of the Gweduck. Saturday 2 May 2009, Test Pilots Ross Mahon and Buzz Nelson. Video:
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    Gweduck First Flight

    A friend of mine, Ross, completed the first flight (high speed water taxi test "hop") of an experimental twin engine amphib called the Gweduck on 10 Feb from Lake Washington. (W36, Will Rogers Wiley Post Seaplane Base, N end of Renton Municipal, RNT). He has been building with a friend, Ben...