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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    I've always loved the lines on this one.
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    Wing Morphing Challenges.

    I use Alibre. I've done that many times. Draw your two airfoils on different plains and loft them. Use guide curves if its not quite doing what you want. Brandon
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    Camp on Airport in IA?

    If you want to stop through KGDB in south western Minnesota I could take you through our WWII museum Marc. It's probably not a long enough leg from Rushmore for camping but you could if you'd like. Brandon
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    XLFR5 Reverse Engeneering Verhees Delta

    I'll have to check my notes on the airfoil when I get home. If i remember right the only difference was a smaller leading edge radius on the root airfoil. The anhedral should be 7.2°. Brandon
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    XLFR5 Reverse Engeneering Verhees Delta

    Where do you have the washout starting? The washout is between station 770mm and the tip. Brandon
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    .50 Caliber Browning Guns

    The barrel part that you can see is normally silver, as in the video I posted. The barrel slides back and forth in the barrel bushing and needs to be clean and smooth on the mating surfaces. The NOS barrels we used were only parkerized up to about the last four inches of the barrel. I believe...
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    .50 Caliber Browning Guns

    TX's look pretty good. About the only thing to point out is that the barrel bushing is bronze so should be a bronze color. For reference here are the guns in our P-51. Brandon
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Only heavier, slower, and take longer to get airborne. :D Brandon
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    1. YouTube videos of planes crashing has never stopped me from buying a Piper or a Cessna.(Although lack of money has.) 2. NTSB won't release his last video for quite some time so they should have time to plan.:D Brandon
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    No, wasn't overlooked, pretty much my point. They didn't have educated individuals to ignore. Most people on here are trying to keep Peter from killing himself or someone else. Brandon
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Did Orville and wilber ignore the advice of successful aero engineers and experienced builders also? I would have the same drive and determination as him if someone else was footing the bill. If this project has/had any potential it's been ruined by poor management. Brandon
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    Looks like a Mustang?

    Here is one I did for a friend. When you get some air to air send me a picture and I'll do one up for you.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Jeff is on this site as "Canardlover". He has commented on the lack of input he had. Brandon
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    Ferry Permit during Phase I Testing?

    So wait, a DAR hasn't even looked at it yet? Trailer it home, arrange your inspection, and fly off the hours in your area. You won't get a ferry permit. Brandon