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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    It's very common to run racetrack patterns at the same altitude. Generally, ground reference points are made or picked out. The pilots are told not to cross their ground references. Somethings like fighters don't cross the west side of the taxiway, heavies don't cross the east side of the runway...
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    When Allisons were cheap

    Allison engines are still pretty cheap at $20-35K. Some of the Lycoming and Continental cores cost that much. What will get you is getting it overhauled. Brandon
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    First Composite Homebuilt?

    There was an experimental BT-15 built during November 1943 that used fiberglass and balsa core on it's aft fuselage and side panels. I've got the article on it somewhere. It's got a lot of neat pictures and test data. It's not a homebuilt but shows some really neat pioneering in composite...
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    Could the Working Class Afford a P-51?

    You'd also want to take the distance traveled in that hour into consideration. Pulling it back to 45 GPH at altitude still gives you a pretty good TAS. Brandon
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    Could the Working Class Afford a P-51?

    You're not talking about the jet are you? The jet accident was due to pilot incapacitation. Brandon
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    Could the Working Class Afford a P-51?

    Exactly, your average Bonanza, Cirrus, or even Cessna owner could easily afford a T-6. The trouble is they're not as convenient for use so they become a novelty item. I know a guy who bought a T-6 four years ago for $60K. It was rough but a flyer and safe. He found that a lot of these small...
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    Best aviation video.

    The Defender Brandon
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    Lost Operating Limitations

    Generally it doesn't happen that way. Usually you'll put it back in to phase 1 for 5 hours or so. After that you move back into phase 2 with a log entry. The operating limitations stay the same. Brandon
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    Lost Operating Limitations

    Your local FSDO should be able to access the aircraft records and provide you with a copy of the OpLims. Brandon
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    Kinda has an I-16 look to it. Brandon
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    I was told 8-12 months for tail and possibly wing kit. Option of pulled or driven rivets. Getting over 140 knots in testing right now. 140 was there goal. It was also mentioned to me that the plane could be cleaned up quite a bit also. He couldn't tell me an exact number on stall, but said it...
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    Oshkosh 2022

    I walked by at about 10 after and didn't really notice anyone. I'll be there tomorrow. Brandon
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    Oshkosh 2022

    Not many of us HBAers can count anyway so it's probably best we just meet for coffee. Brandon
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    Blueprints for P-40 Warhawk

    I forgot to post these the other day. P-40 gear attach fittings on a wing in our wing jig. This is the gear attached to the wing. Brandon