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    Static/mass balanced or not

    Interesting, was control surface flutter the cause of the "in-flight structural failure", before the Crash? Please provide a reference or investigation report. "She got her looks from her father. He's a plastic surgeon." - Groucho Marx
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    Cirrus Stall Accident

    Based on the video there seems to be a LACK of situational awareness, and commonsense.
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    Whats everyone think?

    Slight Correction to the add content: HITECH INC or DIE!!
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    New design looking for funds???

    Just claim this bird is an endangered species.
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    Would like to "fly around" just at or above ground effect-SLOWLY???

    Instead of ICE ROAD TRUCKERS; maybe it should be Ice Lake Skimmers?
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    Cirrus Stall Accident

    From what is stated in the "Cirrus Stall Accident" video; the PILOT took off with an INSTRUCTOR, who together stalled the plane into the ground, "well below pattern altitude". The fire was most likely caused by the fuel tanks bursting on impact, spilling Aviation Fuel over the hot engine. No...
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    Would like to "fly around" just at or above ground effect-SLOWLY???

    Yes, Yes - May everyone get the Big Goose they deserve, and another piece of coal for the fire. Please remember to give generously this winter, as there may be many with 'Ground Effect Planes', that can use your help or design critique. Please be careful of the Psychopathic Worshippers; and...
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    Mini Swift

    Jerry Blumenthal's RATTLER
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    Eye operation

    Duncan, I'm still concerned about your eye situation: "By counting the rings on a tree trunk, you can see how many other trees that tree has slept with."
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    Eye operation

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    Would like to "fly around" just at or above ground effect-SLOWLY???

    Good luck on your decision. “Develop a built-in BS detector.” - Ernest Hemingway
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    Enough with all this "lift" and stall/spin nonsense...

    Show me one drawing of your design; 'anything' representing your design, even if hand drawn with crayon. I wish to critique and not be that sycophantic follower. “I don't care what you think unless it is about me.” - Kurt Cobain
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    The Spin Debate

    Yawstring? How many inches long; you don't want to be considered showing off? "It's like my wife says, "it ain't no big thang!"