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    GIMBLED thrust !

    I once had a dream and decide to design a vectored thrust machine. Please ignore crazy over head wing. Same control system for left/right control(rudder)
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    Bending Aluminum Tube

    If small imperfections can be tolerated, how about using a propane blowtorch and flux filled aluminium rods to fill the indentations on the tube? Wouldn't add much weight but would prevent further tube collapse when under stress. Would the same system be safe to "weld" tube joints?
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    Rectangular aluminum tube spar

    Are you going to push a spar cap through the space above the spar. If so, that also needs to be taken into account.
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    HBA obviously....America ......Australia Microlightforum,com .....,UK
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    Low and Slow......and quiet ?

    that would be called a Swiss Muffler I believe.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Stupid bloody comment. No pun intended.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    I read with interest all your comments. I assume you all have pilots licenses but how many of you have a degree in Aeronautical Engineering? My guess, none of you. Maybe Peter doesn't either but he's having a go at building a somewhat different aircraft. At least he's not having a go at your...
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    Pod & Boom ; the folding prop integrated Around the boom

    G'day mate, no I didn't get round to building it. Too busy with slowly restoring my Thruster.
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    Converting Sail Cloth a/c to standard fabric covering?

    G'day Rob.I'm in the same position as you with my Truster type T84. Had it gifted to me because the Dacron sails were rotten. It's been stored for over 11 years but all is well except the sails. A full new set cost about the same in Aussie dollars so I'm experimenting with a cheaper way to...
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    Pod & Boom ; the folding prop integrated Around the boom

    I design such a system (minus folding prop) see my post Development of a dream. images start on page 3. This might give you some clues.
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    Shoulder wing unpopularity

    Heck, with covic - 19 and all, I'd completely forgotten about this thread. Sorry but no advance ment had been made as yet. I'll get back to it sometime soon.
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    Rotax 503 Question

    No cowl needed on a 503. Just a duct to get cool air to the rear cylinder.
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    Morphing Wing Technology

    Not being a wise-arse but I call that controlled twisting, not morphing. To me, morphing means to change shape (yes I know, twisting fulfills that somewhat) so here's my concept of porphing.