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  • Hey Deskpilot
    Would you try to find the contact information of Geoff Eastwood, the designer of the Eastwood Tyro MK2?
    The last I can find is Goolwa Airport, 0427 812 422.
    An physical address or an email address would be super.
    Hello Doug, I saw that you were working on a single seater version of the dykes delta, very cool project, I was wondering what material you have been using to study the effects of vortice generation on delta wings? I've been searching for something to use to no avail.
    hey thanks mate. in hind sight I would have made the gunsight later. but to late now lol. I unbolt it when it is in the way of fitting gauges and stuff so it's ok I guess. thanks for stopping by........ cheers, John
    Thanks for the link. I will check it out. Though I think that our "Mayberry style" Abingdon is smaller than that in the UK. Thanks for the chat. Take care.
    You mentioned using Sketchup in a recent post. How in the world do you do the curved surfaces like wing skins - particularly the unusual multiplanar surfaces like on your delta wings design?

    Nice stuff
    Hello Doug,
    Looked pages of this forum, has come across yours of avatars. You can in detail расказать about your project if it is possible? I already almost year, too work above the project a flying wing. And how at you this day?

    Thank you,
    Odessa, Ukraine
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