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  1. Dennis DeFrange

    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    Biden 🐒
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    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    Good job . I feel sorry for kids that grow up in an environment that lacks in parenting . If ya don't know anything that can be passed on , what would be the excuse for having children . Dumb butt seeds fall from dumb butt trees . I was extremely fortunate to come from a family that made sure...
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    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    My last job that launched my retirement was for the US Government , building bombs . I've crawled around inside the MOAB's and MOPS's prepping for fill . Quite interesting is that when you first get the job you're on needles and pins but in no time ya pay no attention to your surroundings . One...
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    Scoop Coupe

    Folks , $100K was a good bit of money back in the early 1980s when this was attempted . I don't know when Mr. Thompson passed away but he was a fairly old gentleman when I met him and that was 40 or so years ago . A great deal of the time death gets in the way of possibilities . Who knows what...
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    What would you do with a plane you built, but do not want anymore?

    I would beat it together as fast as possible , sell it to someone that knows nothing about flying , but thinks they do , and send a winning ticket to my X wife for the Premiere Sweepstakes Grand Prize first ride in it , worth $1,000.00 , and cross my fingers , watch the News and drink Beer ...
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    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    Ask a youngster to point N , S, E, or W . Then ask them to show ya something on a Cell phone . Better yet , go to your local parts store . The younger generation is Computer smart but totally street and common sense or experience DUMB . Who's fault . Look no further than the mirror . The...
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    Small aircraft in the Smoky mountains

    Not much different than life today , not much control over your own destiny . Pull that Red handle and hollar chit . :dead:🐒
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    An Airplane to Make ‘Em Mad

    Thinking about a two seat Pitts , side by side , possibly tricycle with an ErCoupe tail . Sexxy . :bow: 🐒
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    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    Never seen anyone thrown out of or not invited to a Forum or presentation at OshKosh in my 42 years . Maybe they need to start offering freebies . Best I remember there used to be activities and presentations of different types for women and children . to attend if they would be bored with the...
  10. Dennis DeFrange

    What Did You Do To Save General Aviation Today?

    Worked on my wife's ElCamino that I just bought her . Changed engine and transmission , installing aftermarket air condition system , and new carpet and seat covers . I know that it's all auto related but if I don't finish her little hot rod , my personal airplane project might take a big hit ...
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    Airplane For Sale Flying Flea HM-160 Aluminum Project Pou du Cielistes LOOK at this!

    If someone here is considering this project but doesn't care for the Continental GPU engine , I would be interested possibly in purchasing that part of the project . 🐒
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    Jungster 1 & 2 aircraft

    I think ya need to check the springs in the camera tail wheel . Noticed a bit of shimmy . Well done . 👍 👍 🐒
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    Off topic, thinking about today.

    Clint Eastwood once said (Man's got to know his Limitations) . You've apparently done well but now's the time to not doo anything stupid . Complacency can cause a need for a Rope . I been married 50 years but it took 5 Wives . I think Clint heard about me before his statement . Congratulations ...
  14. Dennis DeFrange

    The state of our (dying) sport 2022

    To the OP . Ever give any consideration to what time the photo was taken ? If it was in the morning , most younger folks were probably still in the fart sack , (male , female , black , white) doesn't matter . This is not to mention , these presentations are not an ideal place to park your nose...
  15. Dennis DeFrange

    Scoop Coupe

    I'll give it a shot next time through there 🐒