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    YouTuber under FAA Investigation for seemingly deliberate crash...

    Dam , if I ever get my project finished and by some chance lose power , think I'm just gonna choose to die in the wreckage and pray like hell no one is videoing it . Wonder if he's vaccinated ? That's where I'd start the investigation .
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    Police Rescue Pilot Who Crash Landed Moments Before A Train Obliterates His Plane

    I congratulate all for a spectacular and successful rescue and even though the pilot seemed in severe pain , he was mere seconds from no pain at all . Gruesome and awesome all in one word . Things like this come from above , no pun intended .
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    The rise of FrankenEngine - An engine for the VP-21

    My Grandad built a 6 Cylinder T Model Ford engine back in the 1920s . Way before Ford ever made their first 6 banger . FMC sent reps here to Okla. to talk him into going back with them . He declined . We still have the engine in a roadster and it runs fine . We don't run it much at all obviously...
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    Making your hangar more comfortable?

    I could certainly drink there . Might check the millage on those recliners . They look like they need a rear end put in um . Nice hang out .
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    Jungster 1 & 2 aircraft

    You bet . AMEN . You a bit tougher then the average Grizzly . Weather like you have encourages me to get back to Mechanic work , like put a rear end in a recliner . Keep the chin up , the sun'll be out shortly . Remember , the recliner ain't goin no where without a rear end .
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    Possible new engine with amazing specs

    Ever spend any time around Indy . A bit over the normal gent's head . I absolutely love it when folks say (it can't be done) . I'm going to my office and fill out paperwork .
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    Favorite Stripper

    Barbie Benton
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    HBA Member "Day Jobs"

    First off , thank you Victor Bravo for introducing this thread . I've always thought it to be very helpful to understand or know a bit of the background of those that you associate with and no different here on a forum . I've gained tremendously from threads and posts from both here and also...
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    HBA Member "Day Jobs"

    Two thumbs up , have a seat . Poor guy, Doubt you'll ever retire .
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    The Urge to Fly

    That should be a motivator .
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Back to Brandon , please
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    Jungster 1 & 2 aircraft

    Thanx 14
  13. Dennis DeFrange

    HBA would be a better place if...

    Moving through glass is easier than ya think . Get me a glass of Captin Morgan , I'll move through it quicker than the speed of light . Yeehaa ! Viva Oklahoma
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    No telling how well off he'd bee now if it wasn't for the news . 5 kids
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    Jungster 1 & 2 aircraft

    There's a very nice Jungster on Barnstormers , O-200 Continental . $11,000.00