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    Ebay Today

    Seawind | eBay Lovettsville, Virginia Flying Hi-Max Ultralight Complete with custom trailer | eBay Savannah, Georgia
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    Ebay Today

    C X 4 LIGHT SPORT | eBay Bristol, Tennessee 1963 Smith C-75 ABEEI | eBay De Pere, Wisconsin,
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    Just for discussion, Mechanical fuel injection?

    Yeah until you try to get one to pass smog in Vegas.
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    Ebay Today

    continental 0-200 engine from a Cessna 150 | eBay Converse, Texas
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    Forum made EFI?

    The original Bosch csi system from the early 80's didn't need a computer to deliver the correct amount of fuel. It's a pretty simple system and and could probably be built even less complicated for a smaller engine running at a constant rpm.
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    ID this aircraft

    Welcome to the forum... Try this link Another day, another new idea Ahh... the mind of Orion.
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    Ebay Today

    Aircraft Engine Rotax 503 DCDI | eBay Janesville, Wisconsin
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    Ebay Today

    Maxair Drifter | eBay Janesville, Wisconsin
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    Ebay Today

    Sirocco | eBay East Haven, Vermont RV-3 salvage airplane for sale. Accident | eBay Waterloo, Iowa
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    Ebay Today

    HI-MAX Rotax 377 ULTRALIGHT Aircraft Airplane~N/R~ | eBay Huntsville, Arkansas
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    Twin-VW engine Push-Pull design idea (The "Beetlemaster")

    Booms!!! We don't need no stinking booms...
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    Ebay Today

    Midget Mustang | eBay Paris, Texas
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    Ebay Today

    1972 Salto H101 | eBay Burlington, Vermont Aviat | eBay Phoenix, Arizona
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    Oshkosh Memories

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    I found this guy this morning. Carburetion Products And a pretty good discussion here. Starting my Homemade Hackman Especially interesting post by Mark Napier at the bottom of the page. I understand there is some diy experimenting going on, and who knows what foolproof automation might...