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    JSP so404 torch?

    Another possibility is getting a Victor portable outfit. I got one with 103-01 handle (6", 8.5 oz, compatible with Victor W-J nozzles), regulators, check valves, hoses, etc:
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    Carb heat needed?

    Can't remember where I saw it but some have used copper tubing to circulate hot engine oil around the body of the carburetor.
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    Some education if someone has the time, please

    Another option could be renting a 4 place plane for those occasional trips. Your "daily flier" could be a two seater. An auto engine that falls in that power range you're talking about is the Mazda rotary. Tracy Crook of Real World Solutions retired and they stopped selling their reduction...
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    Ragwind wood recomendation

    If I lived in the Pacific Northwest, I'd consider Port Orford Cedar too. Dai
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    Olds v8 Wittman

    I know this is an old thread but yes, the Aircraft Spruce V8 conversion plans are for an inverted Olds/Buick/Rover engine.
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    VW type 4 camshaft carries reasonably priced Type 4 cams by Web Cam: Web Cam Type 4 Camshaft, 91 Grind, (265 Duration, .430" Lift), Hydraulic Lifters, 00-422 - Aircooled.Net VW Parts Web Cam is the company that supplies cams to Type IV Store (Jake Raby), but I understand he has proprietary profiles...
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    Seamless drawn versus DOM Tubing

    This site lists .035" and .049" A513 (1020 - 1025) DOM steel tubing: Order Mild Steel A513 Tube in Small Quantities at It looks like it's about 25% less expensive than the same size (not strength) 4130 listed on Wicks or Aircraft Spruce. The Baby/Junior Ace drawings call for...
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    Raven or Mohawk info??

    Oops, I could have been more specific about that. I believe there should be three RAV25 sheets (fuse overall, sections, details). The other RAV25 sheets were replaced w/pages (8 x 11) at the end of the builder's manual (pp 166, 168, 170). BTW, my download didn't have the pages in order...
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    Raven or Mohawk info??

    Here's what the plansforu person wrote about the RAV25 sheets: The number of RAV25 sheets was reduced to 3 (by the original designers) as the information regarding tube sizes was incorporated into the last few pages of the manual. My plans upload does have the information they mention, I...
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    Raven or Mohawk info??

    There are some videos of a Raven flying in Canada on YouTube: YouTube - Kitfox Clone - Raven homebuilt airplane RAA Canada Ultralight COPA UPAC PArt 1 YouTube - Part 2 - the flight Kitfox Clone - Raven homebuilt airplane RAA Canada Ultralight COPA UPAC I took a flyer on the plans too. I've...
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    Buy certified airplane and convert to experimental?

    Section 8d/e (p 11) of Advisory Circular 20-27G addresses salvaged parts used in Experimental Amateur Built planes. It sounds like it can be done if you build (not rebuild) at least 51% of the plane... for example fabricating new wings and empennage. Of course like previous posts said, that's...
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    300ci inline six

    Thanks Smitty. I've been following that Fokker DVII build - can't wait to see and hear that thing running. The aluminum heads are interesting too - I'll search for 6-Banger Bill. Making a cross-flow head will be quite a feat. Really, thanks for the input and advice, it's not taken lightly.
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    300ci inline six

    FWIW; here's a reasonably specific description of the basic weight of this motor (link below): "...for the long block: with flywheel, valve cover and oil pan in place, but with NO crank dampener, no manifolds, no starter, no generator, no ps pump, etc.: 420 lbs!!!" FORDSIX PERFORMANCE...
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    300ci inline six

    Just to beat a dead horse... I found a published weight for the Ford CSG649 (industrial version of 4.9 I-6) long block is 473 lbs. Dan, your estimate was right.
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    300ci inline six

    Jan, I sent you a private message. Dai
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