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    Parts Wanted Sourcing X-air hawk Dacron covers

    Need help sourcing the Dacron covers for my X-Air hawk
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    Parts For Sale The Mini Coupe build plans

    Build book with S/N, complete drawings pics etc $25.00 plus shipping never got to it.
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    Parts For Sale Rare wood prop for sale

    Sensenich p/n W58DJ50 pusher removed from jabiru 2200 with only 30 hrs TSN. Removed for upgrade Retail $1000 your price $500
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    Jabiru 2200a running rotec fuel injector

    Bill, Thanks for the info!! Regards Montana Doug
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    Jabiru 2200a running rotec fuel injector

    Hello out there, Anybody running the combo? I live and fly in Montana, and we get carb ice all the time Any feed back out there with carb ice With this set up? Thx DC
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    Jabiru 2200A engine with Rotec fuel injector

    Hello Looking for any feedback if the combo gets very much carb ice Thx
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    Any Affordaplane builders here?

    At 220lbs Will the Kawasaki 40hp in the A plane get my but in the air